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Why is this TPS on

McGamerMcGamer C.S.T., USAPosts: 1,024Member Uncommon

Like the title says, this game isn't even an mmo. There is nothing persistent about it to be categorized as an mmo. 



  • madeuxmadeux SLC, UTPosts: 1,786Member

    ignore it? don't play it? get on with your life?

    since when do YOU get to decide what gets listed on this site? or what gets to be classified as an MMORPG?

    who on earth says  persistent worlds are required? what part of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game says "persistant worlds must be here otherwise you must be banished for all time!"

  • LuxumaruLuxumaru New York, NYPosts: 250Member Uncommon

    *Points at GunZ* They call them MMOs cause they are MMOs. These games are MMOGs. There is a difference between MMOG and MMORPG, an MMOG really is just any game that is useable to players around the world at the same time, it has nothing to do with a persistant world. This counts as an MMOG, so it's here.

    Total MMOs played: 174|Enjoyed: 7. >:|

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,008Member Uncommon

    It's pointless to make these threads, is it bothering you that much that there is a game that isn't an MMORPG on this website? It shouldn't.

  • QuasiRainQuasiRain N/A, COPosts: 125Member

    Haha! I just noticed it now (brain is laggy. Must clear temp files). MMOTPS in :P


  • flamebeauxflamebeaux west chester, PAPosts: 13Member

    meh, well it cant go in to fpsguru becuase its a TPS. But the arcade mode is like a story so you are technically roleplaying XD. but hey its MMO let stay in here and dont complain still a fun game to play when you are looking for a new scene and pace.

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