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Has Picaroon been closed down?

xylitolianxylitolian SydneyPosts: 4Member

having played Picaroon on & off since it was in CB I tried to log on recently (Yesterday & a few minutes ago) to find that the server is no longer able to be found by the client.

So I thought I would go to the website & see if there was some sort of maintenance happening, The website came bac at my request for the info with a whole page of SQL & other DB errors.

So have they closed the servers for Picaroon down or not?


Kill or Be Killed, It's JUST A GAME Don't Take It Too SERIOUSLY!



  • nwgomatrixnwgomatrix East Wenatchee, WAPosts: 5Member

    I have no idea. But being that the game is still down a month later, probably. Weird that there was no announcement. Maybe a little digging will turn if (Developer) Nice Technology Limited has been dissolved or not.

    Humorously enough, the Time of Defiance memorial page is still up at

    Which in my opinion (probably not yours), was a far better game than Picaroon was.

    I wouldn't normally mention another game when talking in a competing game forum. But since the company has a 50% chance of not existing anymore, I wanted to get my dislike out while there was still a chance that it will be read by any old ToD players that actually give a _____.

    R.I.P ToD

    Screw the useless replacement that was Picaroon.


    [Mod Edit]

    [My edit: Fixed Developer company name, as it was not accurate]

  • xylitolianxylitolian SydneyPosts: 4Member

    No idea if it was closed due to the company going bust or not, but can say that I can understand if it has as I never saw more than 8 people online in the game when ever I logged in (Maybe a couple of times a week)

    i will take a wild guess that keeping an MMO up & running costs more than they would of been making.

    Picaroon wasn't a great game but it was a way to waste 5 mins every now & then :)



    Kill or Be Killed, It's JUST A GAME Don't Take It Too SERIOUSLY!

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