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Lord of the Rings Online: Screenshot of the Week: LOTRO Edition!



  • robertino83robertino83 salernoPosts: 1Member

    right click to visualize ^^

    Liutenant Violante - minstrel

  • badgermole15badgermole15 Sacramento, CAPosts: 1Member Common

    Me at Isengard

  • crazynannycrazynanny PopowoPosts: 173Member

    Huh? Me? I'm just Your regular tree taking a nightime stroll around Bree green fields...


  • DragonettiDragonetti Dallas, TXPosts: 2Member

    A Black Rider came through the Shire the other day and spooked me to pieces!

  • IorvethIorveth Sippy DownsPosts: 1Member

    Rare Elite Dourlight in Water-Works, Moria

    Rare Elite Dourlight in the Drowned Deeps,  Water-Works, Moria.

    Full size image at:


  • JaekobJaekob Harrisonburg, VAPosts: 1Member


  • Noend660Noend660 Sheboygan, WIPosts: 1Member

    The weary fellowship stops to pledge their fight for good with Gandalf and Frodo.


  • DevonnaDevonna Bellingham, WAPosts: 1Member

    A Dragon Hunter sneaking upon his prey.


    Dragon Hunter

  • LoretormentaLoretormenta concepcionPosts: 1Member
  • RedKatanaRedKatana Philadelphia, PAPosts: 211Member

  • gumbyman87gumbyman87 Bakersfield, CAPosts: 1Member

    I had a glitch one day where it would not show my horse when I mounted it.  So I took the opportunity to ride piggyback  on a friends' shoulders!


    One does not simply piggyback into mordor!

  • gboostergbooster Indianapolis, INPosts: 712Member


    The Party Tree in The Shire.

  • XerenixXerenix BPosts: 231Member Uncommon




    Click on the image for full resolution


    "A rainbow over Oatbarton"


    While following the questline to Oatbarton with my Captain, i looked out on the town from a hill and saw a rainbow and thought it was the perfect screenshot moment.


  • MuijsMuijs KoningsboschPosts: 1Member

    Aurora Borealis in Forochel

    Aurora Borealis in Forochel

  • NyadachNyadach KeswickPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    The infamous exploding Turtle o'Doom taken from the Tombs of Evendim with a full fellowship:

  • ShuureiShuurei Portland, ORPosts: 1Member

    Fun contest :) I have a lot of the usual pretty scenic background / epic boss pictures of course.  But my favorite screenshot is actually just of my little hobbit guardian while adventuring in Enedwaith.

    A courageous fiery redheaded hobbit guardian vs the very evil and quite angry Ox, Longhorn. Can she teach this jerk a lesson?


    (Click the image for the full size)

  • DaEnotsDaEnots GrazPosts: 1Member

  • TinorfithielTinorfithiel BrightonPosts: 1Member

    Evendim at night



    Evendim at Night




  • TuczTucz PraguePosts: 1Member

    ready for final battle

    full image


  • myrrhbearmyrrhbear toronto, ONPosts: 2Member

    I need a hand please - I'm trying to share my screenshot and the related text from the book, but I am having difficulty using this program.  It keeps entering my text with weird line spacing, and I don't know how to link my screenshot correctly so it doesn't cut off the sides.

    Anyone able to help me?  I don't even know how to delete this post. 


  • myrrhbearmyrrhbear toronto, ONPosts: 2Member

    This is my Captain, Estell Diluvatar, with his sword raised over the ruin of Durin's Bane upon Zirakzigil, which Gandalf slew.

    "Out he sprang, and even as I came behind, he burst into new flame.

    There was none to see, or perhaps in after ages

    songs would still be sung of the Battle of the Peak."

    Suddenly Gandalf laughed.

    "But what would they say in song?

    Those that looked up from afar

    thought that the mountain was crowned with storm.

    Thunder they heard, and lightning, they said, smote upon Celebdil,

    and leaped back broken into tongues of fire.

    Is not that enough?"

    "A great smoke rose about us, vapour and steam.

    Ice fell like rain.

    I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place

    and broke the mountainside where he smote it in his ruin.

    Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time,

    and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell."

    (The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers)

  • LauriethLaurieth SPosts: 1Member

  • DizzyfishDizzyfish WESTON-SUPER-MAREPosts: 1Member

    A view of Hobbiton from Bag End. The shire is my favourite place in-game. It is so peaceful.

    Hobbiton, from Bag End


    Full sized image

  • aens91aens91 LoviisaPosts: 1Member

    Hidden hills and valleys of Evendim.

    Too bad that place isn't accessable anymore since I got a new computer with much better graphics. Taken somewhere in 2008 before Forochel launch.


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