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I'm considering coming back to Vanguard

Mezzanine85Mezzanine85 Union City, CAPosts: 28Member

What can I say? The title tells my story. I played this game in closed beta, saw the potential (the kind of potential SWG had.. but in a different way), but did not sub due to the terrible amounts of bugs present at launch. I came back years later and really really enjoyed that true next gen/old school hybrid feel. Partying up leveling to about 36, this game in a fairly short time provided me with some amazing experiences, and some awesome vistas. The combination of challenge and immersion this game provided me is still unmatched by any MMO within the last 7 years for me. The reason I stopped at 36 was the lack of people to party with at the time. That's the only thing.

So yes... after trying out countless MMO's nothing has come close to satisfying me. And Nostalgia kicked in. And now I want to come back and try it out again. Realistically I know the community is even smaller that it was when I last left it. I do hear rumors of F2P though... and if that's the way this is going then that's great as long as it's done right.

So I guess what I'm really trying to say here guys, is convince me to press that subscribe button! lol.


  • najob75najob75 ZagrebPosts: 40Member Uncommon




    Im on last few days of trial and im staying.

    Hooked till the neck...

    What swept me was Diplomacy and story.

    Simple concept that you can experienca same story from three slightly different angles was...amazing?


    Anyway, welcome back :)


  • Mezzanine85Mezzanine85 Union City, CAPosts: 28Member

    Just wondering, how is the community doing? WIll I have people to party with as I level? Or is it pretty barren?

  • VagelispVagelisp AthensPosts: 448Member Uncommon

    I loved vanguard for its concept but i hated it for its perfomance. Can you find new players to group? Vanguard's world was hudge. I loved the Cleric Class btw.

  • Mezzanine85Mezzanine85 Union City, CAPosts: 28Member

    well I havent' resubbed just yet. Kind of waiting to see if anyone responds to see if there's actually people to party with :D. I really want to resub though, if I do I will let you know.

  • ZaeluceZaeluce martinsburg, WVPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    Hi just want to say i feel just like you do nothing really compares to vanguard as of now there is a great crowd playing and population is rising so give it a shot and best if u join a guild  there are guilds recruiting in chat all the time and people asking for groups population is small compared to mmo's in general but enough to enjoy the game and soe is finally starting to pay attention again as well as adding updates and more content

  • Mezzanine85Mezzanine85 Union City, CAPosts: 28Member

    Awesome, I think I'll sub next week! Look forward to seeing everyone in game.

  • allegriaallegria San Francisco, CAPosts: 682Member Common

    Originally posted by Mezzanine85

    Awesome, I think I'll sub next week! Look forward to seeing everyone in game.

    I am still playing vanguard. My guild Twighlyte Song has 15 ish members online during peak times, around 10ish during the day and it seems population is starting to trickle back in.

    Most people left for a while when Skyrim came out ( myself and many others in guild ) and may have stopped off at SWTOR as well... but folks are returning.

    My only advise is make lots of alts. I have many characters at all levels. Given that the population is low it is hard to just take one character to cap adventuring and expect groups doing what you want all the time.

    Most of us have alts at all levels and will form a grp for a level range and then others jump in.


    Look forward to seeing you in game and Look up Twighlyte Song !

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