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After the KOA Demo, Are you going to buy it?

flguy147flguy147 orlando, FLPosts: 425Member Uncommon

After playing thing e Demo of KOA, are you going to buy the game?



  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon


  • romanator0romanator0 Glendora, CAPosts: 2,382Member

    No. It's fun, but it's not fun enough for me to spend $60. I'll wait for a sale sometime in the future.


  • GolelornGolelorn Hiding From Social Media Peeping Toms, ALPosts: 1,208Member Uncommon

    60 dollars is a bit much for a genre that is is notorious for underachieving. I will wait for reviews, and probably even then a sale.


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  • mundus01mundus01 Midwest, KSPosts: 100Member

    It was ok but didnt like the fact I couldnt switch the movement keys from w,a,s,d, to arrow keys. From what I seen Skyrim was much better game.  So no not buying it until maybe a 20$ sale comes along.

  • GajariGajari Halifax, NSPosts: 984Member

    What's KOA?

  • TarotMageTarotMage Tampa, FLPosts: 126Member

    Since I've been interested in Tarot from the age of 13 (hence the avatar and the forum name), I did like the whole "Destiny Card" aspect of the game. Unfortunately the graphics reminded me of a WoW clone and WoW is a game that I could never ever get into no matter how I tried.

    If the game-world had a more realstic look to it I might have even shelled out 80 bucks for the special edition, since it included a complete Destiny Card deck. But for now it looks like I'll be giving this one a pass. :(

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  • just2duhjust2duh City, NSPosts: 1,290Member

     No, not anymore.

     One of few times where a Demo has caused me to do a full 180 lol.

     I went in understanding it was an older build of the game, missing many patches/fixes (they were really open about making that much clear before release), had even been waiting for it for close to a year, even still I walked away not anywhere close to as impressed as hoped.


     With 38/BigGame's all star team, I thought how could anything go wrong? But apparently pretty easily.

     I really do not have much hope for their MMO now either. The console game felt like a test build for that imo, an already outdated MMO at that, and if that turns out to be the case i'm not even sure i'd be interested in playing it even as a F2P.

  • cyress8cyress8 Croatia, VTPosts: 832Member

    Nope, felt too enclosed for me.


  • LodorLodor ............., MNPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    The game was made to be played with a controller not a mouse/keyboard. Plug in your ps3/xbox360 controller and play the game the way it was meant.


    As for the demo. it was put together by a 3rd party company not the actual game studio.

  • orsonstfuorsonstfu Belaton, LAPosts: 203Member

    Honeslty it seemed like a openish world with crafting / random loot..  So, I think imma shell out the 60 bucks for it. Need something to kill the time.

  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Nooo, AKPosts: 1,781Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Lodor

    The game was made to be played with a controller not a mouse/keyboard. Plug in your ps3/xbox360 controller and play the game the way it was meant.
    As for the demo. it was put together by a 3rd party company not the actual game studio.

    what a joke.

  • cattywhompuscattywhompus Portland, ORPosts: 52Member

    I'm torn

    I kind of liked the combat, but there was just something about the pastel palette of the world that really puts me off.  I played it both with keyboard and controller, and I actually kind of did better with the keyboard for some reason, although the camera did tend to get too excited a lot of the time.

    I'd like to get it on Steam, but I don't feel quite up to the $60 for it.  I could get it on Amazon download for $30 ($50 plus I have some old gift money), which feels like a great price for it, but then I wonder how DLC would be delivered.  If I need the Origin client for DLC, I'd probably just pass and wait for a Steam price break (it seems like BHG negotiated their own Steam distribution, which is odd, but I like bypassing EA, even if only a little).

  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Gajari

    What's KOA?

    Kingdom of Amalur.


    No, I won't buy it though I intended to originally. It's not that I didn't like the game, the beginning of the demo was actually REALLY fun. But I assumed the spaces were closed and cramped because it was a start-up dungeon, the whole 'start as a prisoner and get yourself free' thing. It's a trope, but I can forgive it.

    Then the 'demo' ended and you get a message saying you can continue playing for a short amount of time, and as I did, what started as "Hey this feels a little like Fable!" in a good way became, "Hey...this feels like Fable..." in a much less enthusiastic way. It's a good enough game to pick up 6 months to a year from now when the price is knocked way down, but it's not something I'd pay full retail for like I did for Skyrim, and intend to do for ME3.

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  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,162Administrator Rare

    It was pretty fun. Not sure it was a day one buy for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were a few clunky things, and I can't say I was a fan of not having a jump button. I've seen plenty of games that allow you to both jump and roll so I don't think it's mutually exclusive.

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  • bartoni33bartoni33 Southern IllinoisPosts: 1,676Member Rare

    Not for $60! That is a bad joke. C'mon $60? Console for $60 sure. Not ever on PC. Sorry. I did enjoy it but that is silly.

    INB4 get a job. I have one, thats why I value my money.


  • IsasisIsasis San Diego, CAPosts: 416Member

    No. I was kinda disappointed in quite a bit.


    The world is beautiful...but I like open world games, not worlds that have confined paths with a few larger open areas (that were actually felt small).


    It felt very similar to Fable...and I didn't like Fable, personally.

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  • tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORPosts: 298Member Common

    Game seemed very solid and fun, but I can't bring myself to pay 60 dollars for any game now days.  Probably when it goes on sale on steam i'll pick it up.

  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    Without knowing the limitations imposed on the demo I wouldn't like to say one way or the other.


    I liked the crafting and the combat. Graphics and freedom were a bit of a let down but I can see how they could be much improved in the full version of the game.

  • KhinRuniteKhinRunite ManilaPosts: 879Member

    It's an okay game for me, but not worth my $60. I'll wait for a sale.

    A few turn offs for me:

    - No jumping (I was hoping for some platforming/puzzle that involves a 3rd dimension)

    - Invisible walls. The world is large, and advertised as open, but each part feels more like a corridor like in Dragon Age...

    - I must turn off post processing for my HD6870 else all I will see is a black screen of nothingness!! Hopefully this will be fixed.


    I wish they hadn't put the "Challenger to the Skyrim throne.." bit on their website. Feels more like Fable than Skyrim.

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    Nope, but maybe someday in the future when its $20 or less.  Its way too restrictive in just about everything and extremely linear.  Plus is too similar to Fable and I never liked that series.  I was looking forward to it and had it pre-ordered, but thank goodness for the demo...saved me $50!


    After having been playing Skyrim again,{been on hiatus the past 2 months waiting on mods} and if any new RPG can't replicate even 10% of the excellence that Bethesda created, then its not worth my time or money.  Granted, its usually good to have variety, and not every game should be exactly the same as the last, but its gonna be hard to play anything if it can't live up to the freedom and sheer awsomesaucenessness that is Skyrim!

  • causscauss sonnegaPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Lodor

    The game was made to be played with a controller not a mouse/keyboard. Plug in your ps3/xbox360 controller and play the game the way it was meant.
    As for the demo. it was put together by a 3rd party company not the actual game studio.

    Look. It's all fine. But if they offer the game for pc, I demand 100% fluid controls for both the controller as well as the keyboard and mouse. If it's meant to play with a controller, don't offer it for the pc or make it VERY clear before people buy.

    As for the demo, I really enjoyed it, and I was told that the build is an older build. In the retail version there is more customization for the UI as well as a lot of fixes.

  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    No ,not going to buy it.  Well maybe after a year or so, when it is avabile for 1/3 of it's normal price with DLC's bundled.



    4 x reasons:

    - too easy , seriously if you can click relatively fast you just blow through everything and that was at medium( normal) difficulty as only this one was avabile.  Doubt hard difficulty will do much diffrence cause problem lie in mechanics & AI and not mob hit points ,etc

    - too consolized - very streamlined play + controls are definately made with pad in mind , I have pc. Seriously for cross-platform games either pc version has to be more diffrent from console or game has to be designed mind that people will use it with mouse & keyboard.

    - story & lore - too generic. Cartoony 'blizardish' style. Story, dialogues ,etc made for 13-15 years old - which is not bad 'per se' but I had enough of games like that in last 10 years. I want more serious / adult games (do NOT misunderstood for awful 18+ games with same problems as KOA just with hectolitres of blood - see awful DA2 for example) and not for teenagers or that feel like class B idiotic movie (some Swtor dialogues anyone?).

    Cliches every 5 minutes....

    - performance bugs - for 98% of time game is really smooth even on high settings on my not-so-new-PC. Also cause it is console port so no surprises. Anyway preety nice job at optimalizaion with EXCEPTION - semi-random (most often at beggining of fight)  freezes that can take 2-5 secs to 'go away' - not very serious problem but get very annoying after a longer time and when I imagine playing this game for like 30 hours then It would be serious issue.



    So nah not buying. Maybe after I can get it for like 20$.


  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Posts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    It's a yes for me, I have already played the demo 3 times now. I am used to paying $60 dollars for games these days that are 6-8 hours long, so I will gladly pay $60 for this game.

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  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel houston, TXPosts: 8,835Member Rare

    I'll be buying it as well,  won't be paying 60 on it either (got a promotion deal and had some extra credit).  Its a good game, and it can only get better from what was shown in the demo.  The combat is fun,  the world seems interesting enough, and I think the storyline is decent.. I imagine it getting much better.  Lack of a jump button is a turn off..  likewise with the camera being so close to the character.. but otherwise I enjoyed it.. and thats enough for me.

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  • Will most likely buy it for my 360 when the price is low. Perhaps in a year or so.

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