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If you cancelled your SWTOR sub - what will you be playing?

FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHMember Posts: 3,470 Uncommon

I'm going to be playing KOTOR 1 and 2, then STO, then Rift and Skyrim while waiting for GW2 or D3. 


Bioware has really made some horrendous design decisions and their fixes are even worse.  I'll be watching their forums over the next month or two and see how things go.  The most disgruntled players will likely be gone and so the tone should be a bit more civil.



  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COMember Posts: 3,292 Uncommon

    I didn't cancel, never got in :) 

    Gonna play me some Skyrim and Witcher 2!



  • JeroKaneJeroKane OsloMember Posts: 5,706 Uncommon

    I still have plenty to do in Skyrim. I barely scratched the surface of this game.

    I might also go back to LOTRO for a while. It's free for me now, as I have paid for all expansions anyway... so it won't cost me a dime to go back and play it again.

  • KakkzookaKakkzooka Waterbury, CTMember Posts: 591

    I'd be playing catch up with everyone else.

    Re: SWTOR

    "Remember, remember - Kakk says 'December.'"

  • RocketeerRocketeer Member Posts: 1,303 Uncommon

    I did cancel my sub, though thats standard practice with me and new MMOs, i wouldn't even enter my CC details if i wasn't forced to do so.

    That being said, i have LTA on LotRO and STO and an active EvE account. Those three cover about every kind of fix i need out of MMOs. That being said im a curious person and might take a look at Aion or even Rift, just to see how they approach open world pvp, but only if i can get a copy with free month real cheap.

  • ooblaoobla londonMember Posts: 87

    I have basically decided to cancel ToR and try it again in few months time so I wouldn't count myself as someone thats leaving for good . But I intend to go back to Rift and my old mainstay Lotro in that time .

  • MajinashMajinash st louis, MOMember Posts: 1,320

    I'm finally going to get minecraft...

    Tomorrow, cause the site is off for the SOPA protest.

    But then I'll get minecraft! that should be able to eat just as much time as an MMO.

    Everything creates huge amounts of negativity on the internet, that's what the internet is for: Negativity, porn and lolcats.

  • pgqsilverpgqsilver Peachtree City, GAMember Posts: 106 Uncommon

    Some reason playing SWTOR made me want to go back and play classic mmos.  I started playing on the project 99 Everquest server again.  I think it was the lack of or feeling that the community in SWTOR was non existent.  I might check back in on SWTOR with future updates.

  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAMember Posts: 2,192
    Guild Wars,dragon age and PS3 until the next MMO gets into the batters box
  • SagasaintSagasaint Miami, FLMember Posts: 461 Uncommon

    Skyrim waiting for GW2

    dude, the day GW2 releases BioWare can pitch a fork in their game...if they havent already before that

  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTMember Posts: 1,685 Uncommon

    I am thinkin of going back to Hello Kitty or The Adams Family mmo-----May The Force Be With You-----SWTOR Forever!  and maybe a little bit of Vanguard if it ever goes f2p

  • Cyberdeck7Cyberdeck7 Fingerlakes area, NYMember Posts: 239 Uncommon

    I bought a month of Mortal Online and a month of Xsyon. If neither of those stick, I'll probably check out Vanguard and Ryzom again for feb/march. Then TSW in April, Tera in May, GW2 whenever it's released. Archeage is my most anticipated - World of Darkness is a close second that would be in first with more/the right info.

  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAMember Posts: 6,035 Uncommon

    If Xsyon doesn't stick, try Wurm... but hopefully you at least notice the very awesome core of MO before everything else gets to you.

    Writer / Musician / Game Designer

    Now Playing: Skyrim, Wurm Online, Tropico 4
    Waiting On: GW2, TSW, Archeage, The Rapture

  • NethermancerNethermancer Toronto, ONMember Posts: 520

    Back to EVE

    always back to EVE

    thank god for EVE

    that is all

    Playing: PO, EVE
    Waiting for: WoD
    Favourite MMOs: VG, EVE, FE and DDO
    Any person who expresses rage and loathing for an MMO is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.

  • WellzyCWellzyC Stillwater, MNMember Posts: 557 Uncommon


    DAOC : Uthgard  BABY!! get me some old frontier Emain RvR    to wet my whistle for some WvWvW  GW2!

    The way mmo's were: Community, Exploration, Character Development, Conquest.

    The way mmo's are now : Cut-Scenes,Cut-Scenes, solo Questing, Cut-Scenes...

  • Fornax123Fornax123 Plano, TXMember Posts: 36 Uncommon

    I'm gonna break out my Atari 2600 and play a QUALITY Star Wars game!

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Member Posts: 1,042 Uncommon

    I still have 45 free days of EQ so that is where I will be.


    edit: Oh and Skyrim......always Skyrim lol

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  • SnikzSnikz AalborgMember Posts: 120 Uncommon

    Not gonna quit. Nothing else to play.


    other then poker :P

  • UnleadedRevUnleadedRev Boston, MAMember Posts: 567 Uncommon

    You  buys that play Skyrim and other single player games, and /or coop games are the smart ones.

    The only things MMO's cause is grief....

  • AntariousAntarious Greenville, SCMember Posts: 2,779 Uncommon

    Playing a few single player games at the moment.   As well as doing a total update/rebuild on my "work machine".  (yes I consider that playing lol).   Even started reading books out of the pile I built up during the last few years of gaming.


    In regards to MMO's I am currently playing the waiting game.





  • TarwaterTarwater Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 63

    Mine's not cancelled, but it will be soon enough.  Just want to finish the storyline of my character and win the game.


    After SWTOR goes in the trash can, I'll be trying out Skyrim (saving it for just such an emergency).  Then I'll be moving on to D3.  Playing a little League of Legends in the meantime.

  • Master10KMaster10K LondonMember Posts: 3,065

    Originally posted by Kuppa

    I didn't cancel, never got in :) 
    Gonna play me some Skyrim and Witcher 2!

    Are you me from another dimension, cause I was gonna say the same thing image


  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCMember Posts: 3,275

    Back to EVE it was for me.

  • flguy147flguy147 orlando, FLMember Posts: 413 Uncommon

    probably Skyrim until KOA comes out in a few weeks.  Next MMO probably will be TSW. 

  • ScypherothScypheroth P.A, SKMember Posts: 264

    i canceled mine 1 week into buying it...was like sitting through a chick flick...currently i cant find a game that intrests me at all...just gonna wait for diablo 3...i finished skyrim then the game got boring after i kill the last dragon....

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