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World of Warcraft: What is a “WoW Killer?”



  • NightfyreNightfyre Pandora, OHPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    With the current addiction I don't see there being a "WoW killer," some people just don't want to leave after all the time they put in.  The things that make WoW good are it's story/well done scripts/ and smooth(easy) gameplay.

    The games coming out will only chip away at the Wow community, maybe forever or just temporary.

    Boredom is another thing to dwindle the population.  They either grow tired of doing the same thing, the expansion wasn't to their liking, or they just realize there's more to life then on the computer and burn up in the sun.

    Time is the biggest killer - More new games come out, maybe blizzard introduces another mmo that draws you away, technology finally overpowers your senses as you see that Wow is mediocre compared to the newer games you've been playing.

    But for now WoW's staying, it's size will drop slowly but that will take awhile before it's finally submits.


  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Tempe, AZPosts: 1,036Member

    Originally posted by Jack_Target

    Panda monks are the WoW killer for me. Of all the cool ideas Blizzard could have chosen, why this?

    I suspect a branding PR company came up with this idea.

    They're from Warcraft 3. They're nothing new.

  • devilnursouldevilnursoul greenwood, ARPosts: 49Member

    After quitting WoW for 4 years, I have just now returned. I dont rush through games, and tend to read every bit of text given to me. Therefore, Cataclysm was very refreshing. It is like meeting up with an old friend again, and catching up on what has happened over the years. After trying just about everyting on the market, WoW is the only game that can cater to my playstyle. I work 12, sometime 13 hour days, yet I am able to log in to WoW 2 hours a night and feel a sense of accomplishment. Even though there are other games on the market that may be able to do the same thing, there are none that have the amount of content offered by Blizzard. 

  • StormwindXStormwindX LondonPosts: 168Member

    Originally posted by finnmacool1

    What the hell is wrong with you posting that picture of "road kill" in a gaming thread? Is a flattened dead animal with its guts showing really needed to make a point?


    Agreed. That picture was a display of extremely tasteless humor. There are plenty of other ways (graphical or not) mr. Sanicky could use in order to get his point across.

  • usagichan77usagichan77 ROtterdamPosts: 13Member

    WOW has 10 million subscriptions, its massive.

    But to make a good game and keep it you don't need 10 million subscriptions to keep, it is totally not neccesarry. Even 1 million is a lot.

    There are lots of good succesful games, even free ones earning thousand times less, and still having players enjoying the game.

    The end to WoW will come but it has made soo much money that I'm sure they actually don't even care anymore, im sure in the darkness they are making a WoW 2.

  • nyxiumnyxium Posts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    Activision. Sorry, couldn't resist that.

  • Why would you want WoW to be killed? It may be the biggest MMO, but it is certainly not the best LOL. Good developers can do with less money and create something more fun. More content and all. Kkthxbye!

  • gothmog56gothmog56 dallas, GAPosts: 46Member

    WOW is like a dinosaur,it's dead just hasn't realized it yet. what is the news about wow,nothing. the graphics have longed sucked,the story was ,there was a story?gameplay was bad.frankly i never did see the big love of wow. for so many people,why did the servers seem empty?

  • RavenRaven LondonPosts: 1,973Member Uncommon

    When blizzard inevitable creates a new WoW MMORPG that will be the current generation WoW killer I have no doubt, in 5 - 10 years tech like CryEngine 2 will be low spec, if they improve on their tech to this level and pickup the mechanics that they have now and improve on them from the start I have no doubt it will be a game many ppl will play.

    But for now "Titan" seems to be the next best thing on the horizon, I dont know what it is but I am pretty sure I will buy it, cause it will carry the polish of blizzard games and provide fun levels through the roof.

    There are a few nice things on the horizon, GW2, TERA, ArchAge just to name a few but I doubt they will pull any players from the WoW crowd I can see them having the sort of moderate success SWTOR has.

    Blizzard to me is like Apple in a sense they have a formula that just works for their fanbase, and its unlikely someone is going to buy another game whether or not some more hardcore audience thinks is better if its not made by them, the same way most ppl that have an IPhone wont buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus even tho it has much higher specs and most ppl consider it to be better. Its all about brand awareness and the platform that they provide which ppl enjoy.


  • slickbizzleslickbizzle Matthews, NCPosts: 464Member

    I used to think that time would be the "WoW killer", but as I see the younger generation leave the game to start living their life, I'm seeing new players in their 30's and 40's come in to replace them.  Usually this is the first MMO they've even tried and they seem to like it and tell their friends to try it.   I see Warcraft only picking up steam with a new age group. 

  • xaritscinxaritscin CaliPosts: 350Member Uncommon

    i cant even get why it's needed a WoW-killer...........let the game die naturally, in the meantime enjoy the new games that come and stop worrying about Blizzard........that focus could be used in other things, every game has to die someday, let Blizzard enjoy their time until the innovative MMOs start to absorb their users......

  • DaddyDarkDaddyDark MoscowPosts: 138Member

    There were times when there was only one brand of beer sold in the shop... it is obvious there will be plenty of WoW killers in a few years and focusing on different aspects of the game but better. Personaly I am tired of the monotonous end-game. It is plain stupid to run the same dungeons 20 times. There is only one solution: random dungeons like in roguelikes. Replayability is huge.

  • halo_0_1halo_0_1 Hong KongPosts: 8Member

    If you count LoL, you might as well count RuneScape. I hear RS currently has 10 million active accounts per month.

  • SlayraSlayra AlmadaPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    The "roadkill" pricture wasn't needed.

  • EnochiEnochi Moorseville, NCPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by maplestone

    The only question to me is whether WoW's dynesty will outlive the genre.  No D&D killer ever emerged in the pencil and paper world - the entire genre eventually faded into the background first.  Will the MMO industry eventually fade into the background as well, even as a plethora of niche games reach market?


    Uh to point out since DnD realeased its 4th ed. Plenty of other role playing systems have been gaining ground namely, Gurps, D20 modern, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Star wars Sagas as main contenders.

  • mentalnekomentalneko Pevely, MOPosts: 18Member

    What we really need is an MMO that is unlike any MMO and like every MMO. A revival of the genre if you mind. We need a virtual world much like in Ultima and SWG where plenty of people can play for different reasons and still get something huge out of it all. A game that bridges realism with fantasy and connects the players in such a way unseen. We need an MMO that allows the raiders to raid, the pet groomers to groom pets, the achievement hunters to hunt, player killers to kill, bounty hunters to hunt, and socialites to be social! But have them all depend on each other in such a way unseen in gaming history. Incorporate an MMO circle of life, the living breathing online game everyone can come and enjoy.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common

    More people DONT play WOW than play WOW

    Make a MMO that is nothing like WOW to attract them

  • ClerigoClerigo MatosinhosPosts: 400Member Uncommon

    As J. Nash would oftenly say: " I see dead people!"...or..wait...errr...


    First lets define what a "killer" is. Googling it and Mr. online wizard says:


    1. One that kills: a disease that was a killer of thousands; a killer of new ideas.

    2. Slang Something that is extremely difficult to deal with or withstand: an exam that was a real killer.


    1. Causing death or destruction: killer floods.

    2. Slang Having impressive or effective power or impact; formidable: had a killer smile; made killer profits.


    killer [?k?l?]



    a. a person or animal that kills, esp habitually

    b. (as modifier) a killer shark

    2. (Mathematics & Measurements / Units) something, esp a task or activity, that is particularly taxing or exhausting

    3. Austral and NZ an animal selected to be slaughtered for food.


    So, we can deprehend that, and looking at the various possibilities, that in fact a WoW killer would have to be a disease that would kill thousands of subscriptions (if Chuk Norris allows it ofc), a flood of death and destruction with effective power or impact, resulting on killer profits, something like a killer shark that would be eventually killed for food.


    Reading what i just wrote i can only think of 2 scenarios:


    - a Tsunami or earthquake or some major natural force that would utterly destroy all WoW servers;

    - a Blizzard (and i dont mean the snowstorm);


    End of discussion.

  • Valgar1Valgar1 Someplace, NYPosts: 324Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by FrostWyrm

    How to be a WoW killer...
     Stop being a WoW imitator.
    If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, "Wow is already good at being WoW". People who truly love like WoW will NOT choose your game over WoW because WoW is closer to WoW than your WoW clone can ever be. The best you can hope for is to pick up WoW's scraps that have either become burnt-out on WoW, or didn't like WoW much to begin with.

    I can agree with this,

    Only problem is then we have all the people who say great new game but now can you add( Easy mode dungeons,LFG tools, mods,faster travel from a-z, barber shops,duel spec, ect...

    Guess you see my point.

    I myself would love an old school EQ1 game but not have the quests where you need to stare at a tree for 48 hours waiting for a MoB who may or may not spawn to drop a ring you need. If they can do that,i'd be happy.

  • KonfessKonfess Dallas, TXPosts: 1,458Member Uncommon

    I hate writters.  That wasa page of nothing.  From the title I expected to read a list of features that would define the game the killed WoW.  Instead I read a writters description of each strand of lint plucked from his navel.  The true Title of thisa waste of time and space; "A list of the ways gamers will not define the demise of WoW."

    I was playing PlanetSide when SWG came out.  I was playing SWG when WoW came out.  On that day I was the one player on my SWG server, 1 player.  Wow has over 400 servers, when that number drops to 300 I'll know the end has begun.  When that number hits 200, ALL you writters will say, "See we tiold you it was gonna happen and you didn't beleve us."  When it reaches 100, the beast will be dead.  Until that day, I will continue to play and enjoy WoW.

    Server population and merger will hereld the end, the rest of your list is just meaningless stinky smelling BS.

    Pardon any spelling errors
    Konfess your cyns and some maybe forgiven
    Boy: Why can't I talk to Him?
    Mom: We don't talk to Priests.
    As if it could exist, without being payed for.
    F2P means you get what you paid for. Pay nothing, get nothing.
    Even telemarketers wouldn't think that.

  • verechterverechter southportPosts: 3Member

    Hmm yea i kind agree with the article but NONETHELESS i "hope" for a WoW killer(as in a single game), not becouse i wanto see WoW dead (well that too>.>), but because such a game is what i yearn for and desperaly want to play.

  • Matticus75Matticus75 Posts: 396Member Uncommon

    you dont need to write a book about it, a wow killer is anything as a result of competition that results in originally, innovation and superior quality for the customer and generates revenue for the company that developed it (improvement, not copying)

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon

    Never understood that urge of so many people, to think about anything as "killer" of something else. IMO, they have problem between their ears.

    So, I really love swtor, but hope it never kills wow as I love also a lot wow. And I also hope nor swtor nor wow kills Rift as I love also a lot Rift.

    I have been always in search for something fun to play in spare time. Enjoying a lot wow, then rift, ... never prevented me to try all new games. But so far my epic search end with this trio: wow, swtor and rift. And for the first time, and have been playing really a lot, once I got this trio of really superb games .... I finnaly do not feel any strong need for more.

    For long years to come as it looks all I will need will be this trio with future expansions. As I'm altholic, I will be more then busy even without endgame.


  • MacroHardMacroHard Fairfax, VAPosts: 104Member

    "WoW killer" is simply another MMO that will improve on the genre (in large ways) and siphon off enough WoW players causing more to follow suit no matter how much more garbage Blizzard can churn out until the ol' cow is finally dried up.

  • happyfartshappyfarts bzPosts: 94Member Uncommon

    I'm a tad confused on this question, which seems to interest a lot of people.

    But are they interested because they want an mmo that can compete or suprsede WoW with a fresh take on things? Or do they want to see a break-away from the theme-park trend?

    I still think WoW is the most solid MMO I've played to date, more fully-fleshed so to speak.

    My biggest disappointments in WoW how they shamelessly raped Warcraft's fantastic lore, built off of the RTS genre. They've really milked it dry and, I for one, would really like to lay the poor soul to rest, what's left of it.

    I want a WoW-killer because I want a game that can deliver the same level of quality, and at the same time break away from the theme-park trend and step onward into the brave new world of sandbox

    I don't give a damn whether WoWs dies or lingers, my one and only concern is that the MMO devs grow a pair and stop recycling the same package. And yes I see some peopl are finally testing new boundaries, like SWTOR and GW2, to name 2

    Ah fuck this topic, I'm tired of hearing about WoW. I hope Blizzard drop their daycare centre act for Titan

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