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EVE Online: New Chief Marketing Officer Hired

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

CCP has announced that David Reid has been hired on as the new Chief Marketing Officer for the company. Reid will be in charge of all global marketing efforts for both EVE Online and Dust 514. Reid was most recently employed by Trion Worlds.

Read more on the CCP website.



  • GdemamiGdemami Posts: 10,355Member Rare

    Ah, maybe someone who will not "forget "  about an expansion release and hopefully we will also see some better trailers...


    *hopes for no more real actor(s) and more thought out trailers than the last one..."


  • StonefalconStonefalcon SydneyPosts: 37Member

    Yeah I have to say I miss the quality of the trailers from the days of Butterfly Effect and Dominion. Butterfly Effect was the trailer that got me playing the game and I still love it to bits but I just can't be bothered paying to play Internet Spaceships if CCP themselves can't really "promote" their universe to the masses.

    "Not meaning to anger anyone with this thread, though I know in these forums its quite impossible. You can say "I enjoy vanilla ice cream" and still have 50 posts of angry, hot-tempered people who have nothing better to do than argue with you." - Dirkzen

  • UnshraUnshra Hanover, MDPosts: 382Member

    As long as Reid doesn't channel his "Where not in Azeroth anymore" for Rift, with "Where not using Excel anymore" for Dust 514, I'll be happy. ;-)

    Because flying a Minmatar ship is like going down a flight of stairs on an office chair while firing an Uzi.

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