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$3500 Worthy Pirate Jolly Roger Wanted!

NextTxenNextTxen Enfield, NHPosts: 17Member

My favorite game, Conquer Online's new expansion & new class pirate were launched! I’ve been playing this game for several years still feel so excited about the new class. I have been playing for a while. And I will share you an awesome video first:

I just read it from is homepage that Conquer Online is holding a Jolly Roger designing event and the winning prize is $3,500 USD, CASH & SHARE 50% PROFITS! Holly….That sound just like my event! Haha…You can come to my team and let us win cash. Maybe you want to read more about it, just simply open their homepage and you will find details.

See my great work-Jolly Roger below? How about my pirate? Isn’t it awesome? I bet the winner will be me! Haha, I need to go back to play now.



  • GameMODGameMOD Break it down!, NYPosts: 30Member




  • sijinsijin veendamPosts: 1Member

    For the record, he didn't make the Jolly Roger in the image like he claims he does.

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