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YOUR first MMO

DewmDewm Alaska!Posts: 1,334Member Uncommon

To help out the other thread.

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  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,040Member Uncommon

    None of the above.

  • viletotoviletoto nowheresville, ORPosts: 22Member yah, none of the above

  • Sanity888Sanity888 Greenfield, WIPosts: 185Member Uncommon

    Mine STILL isn't on there.

    The Sims Online.

  • DewmDewm Alaska!Posts: 1,334Member Uncommon

    Bah, stupid 10 question poll limit.

    Please check out my channel. I do gaming reviews, gaming related reviews & lets plays. Thanks!

  • niceguy3978niceguy3978 Gainesville, FLPosts: 1,975Member Uncommon

    UO, but then within 2 months of EQ release I moved to EQ.  I didn't like the mechanics of the game at all, I am just not a sandbox fan.  I really enjoyed EQ but when WoW came out I switched to WoW and spent almost 7 years there.   Now I have moved on to SWTOR and not sure if it will last me the 5 years of EQ or 7 of WoW, but it is fun none-the-less.

  • MeltdownMeltdown Home, NHPosts: 1,179Member Uncommon

    Yup UO for me too, forever entranced by the virtual world.

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  • Recon48Recon48 QC, IAPosts: 221Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Sanity888

    Mine STILL isn't on there.
    The Sims Online.

    I thought I was the only one!  I got invited to beta test TSO and had nothing better going on. It was actually fun during beta and for the couple of free months I got to play after release.  Then I went to SWG and never looked back.

  • saitoh183saitoh183 St-Eustache, QCPosts: 53Member

    Earth and Beyond



    GW---> (Ranger/Mesmer)Dark Raziel

  • cyress8cyress8 Croatia, VTPosts: 832Member

    Originally posted by Sanity888
    Mine STILL isn't on there.
    The Sims Online.
    It is quite amazing that TSO never grew. So many damn people play The Sims, you would have thought TSO would have been the largest MMO ever.


  • DxAssistDxAssist BallerupPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    I would say Diablo 2, if it's a MMO otherwise I can't remember. It's been too long :P

    Today an Outcast.. Tomorrow a Hero.

  • kostoslavkostoslav somborPosts: 455Member Uncommon

    MU online

  • 77lolmac7777lolmac77 Herp Derp, PAPosts: 496Member Uncommon
    runescape classic

  • HedeonHedeon GraestedPosts: 987Member Uncommon

    EQ2....but hardly my "perfect image" of a MMO, but the only MMO Ive spended more than a year in......EVE being my second most played MMO, Entropia universe starting to creep up on that position..... the rest hardly survived 1 month, only ever been max level in EQ2

  • NegativeJoeNegativeJoe hluboka nad vltavouPosts: 194Member Uncommon

    another none of the above.

    First was Lineage 1 'beta' back in early '97. played for a long while.

    then short stop in ragnarok

    then another long while in DAoC, whith a side sting in SWG because its the only mmorpg my wife ever would play. (horrah for non-forced socialization and not having to kill stuff 99% of the time)

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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare

    The first one that I invested a significant amount of time in was UO. It was far beyond anything else that I had ever experienced in online gaming. Seeing people speak in different langauges all around me and interacting with people from all around the world gave the game such a real and massive feel far beyond most of my experiences in other MMOs even to this day.



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    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon

    DAOC was my first. Not sure why it's not on your list as it was a lot of peoples first MMO. Interestingly it is not my favorite. For most people there first is their favorite but for me third time was a charm with ffxi. Though I will admit DAoC, SWG, and L2 are all very dear to my heart and if I had to pick a second favorite I don't think I could decide between those three.

  • tbfantbfan mulberry, FLPosts: 14Member

    My first MMO was City of Heroes.  image

  • PTEDPTED ReykjavikPosts: 464Member

    Ragnarok Online.

    A quite fun game with a bunch of features that may look new to the industry for some, such as Guild Leveling and a much more fleshed out version of the Class Advancement you see in SWTOR. A shame they went in the wrong direction with the sequel...

  • kakasakikakasaki Lockhart, TXPosts: 1,205Member Uncommon

    Still not on the list. Shadowbane.

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