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Sigonyth: Desert Eternity: Dev Journal #2

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Dawid "Zolthar" Makowski returns for his second developer journal. In this month's article he discusses the perils of being an independent developer without the benefit of external funding.

image The market is growing extremely fast, new games are being released almost every single day. Most of them pass unnoticed, only few of them manage to gain player attention for a significant time. Competition among developers, boosted with enormous amount of money as well as better and better hardware, results in higher game standards - every few of months the performance of published games is doubled.

In the past, you were able to produce a blockbuster, working alone or in a small group. All you needed was a good idea. Now, having the idea is simply not enough – production process, especially concerning MMOG market, requires a great deal of effort. What is more, players’ expectations are constantly growing bigger, and meeting their needs is a matter of flexibility and taking into concern every issue that comes along.

You can read the full article here.

Dana Massey
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  • karukkaruk SigonythPosts: 2Member
    Well, I've been following this game for almost a year, and am very active on the official forums. Every Dev Journal just wnats me to play it even more!

    Hardocre Gamer
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    Middle Earth Online
    Age of Empires 3

  • FluffmcduffFluffmcduff BrisbanePosts: 18Member

    Well i have been following the game for a month, i dont post on the forums but i still cant wait for the game to come out, at least a beta version or somethinf.

  • MerimitsuMerimitsu Mega City, MDPosts: 6Member

    Definetely makes for an assuring account.  They sound like they have their stuff together.

  • ZiuekZiuek SosnowiecPosts: 5Member
    I beta test some game, Looks VERY interesting :-)
  • alexunderalexunder LondonPosts: 6Member
    I cannot wait to play.
  • Fr34KFr34K PoznaPosts: 1Member

    The MOre people talk about it the more I want to play that game. I cant wait either ::::06::

    'The Blister Exitss"

  • MatlushMatlush NidzicaPosts: 1Member
    Can'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWait Can'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWait Can'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWaitCan'tWait.... ok, i'll have to do something with my addiction to the game. I like it very much, and still cannot wait till beta.
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