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General: The 2011 Players' Choice Awards



  • XexvXexv Milton KeynesPosts: 308Member

    Originally posted by audorin
    I've seen what Funcom are capable of both ways. The most fantastic games of all tim ( The Longest Journey and Dreamfall )...

    Thanks for reminding me of these great games, may have to dust off the disks sometime soon.

  • kalakujakalakuja helsinkiPosts: 24Member


  • thunderwuttthunderwutt PDMPosts: 1Member

    Bloodline Champions FOREVER! Best 2011 MOBA and most Innovative!

  • ExHeVoRaZ_KNExHeVoRaZ_KN NecocheaPosts: 1Member

    is just wrote . . gameplay is every thing on game, history, role . .real ROLE not just press keys and what item or class is better ?? / where can i get cheats for this game ?? /

    If you are not Acting your character, then is no ROLE GAME, If you cant change the events of the lineal standard gameplay, then, there is no ROLE GAME PLAY, if the players have no interaction between them affecting the economy or the resources or the politics or the mechanics of gameplay Then There is Not a ROLE GAME.

    Tired of Role Games without It.

    1, 2 , 4 or more players hitting each other without realism against insane creatures and enlarged hyper mega beasts, just pressing the sames keys to do a couple of Statics and really bad finished Spells or Skills Or Hits over years to do insane ammount of damages to creeps or other players, with lvl restrictions, lvl 12 never can beat a lvl 18. End of the Role Game Possibilities.

    All the games in the Votation are not enough to be compared with " EVE ONLINE ", where no matter if you ACTS your character in relation with other players, but a fleet Commander is a Commander, and Spy is real Spy, any player in game is functional as person and depends on his intelect to survive a Real Universe.

    Here is no " Me " coming from work to tell what happend in my day and talk about it, i have to back to my real work in a fiction game, is " Me " coming to fight, spy, protect, mine, transport, scort, produce goods, Electronic Parts, Mechanic Parts, Ingeneering Parts, items, ammo, weapons, ships, to use by me or my friends, armys, corps, alliances, enemys, other players, in a Vast Universe in war for the control of all this named events in game, if i dont Play my ROLE in Game, i become obsolete, and there is no leveling thing, in eve you must study anything related with what you want to do or use. that realease a player to advance in game and give more time to the other aspect, "  Interaction "

    CCP deserves be the only company on the planet who really should be listed as the creator of a truly massive multiplayer role game online.

    All the rest is just a masive multiplayer game online.


    PD: and CCP is the first Company in cross plataforms with  " DUST514 " the first real ROLE game FPS, where you go to be needed to protect or destroy in planets the resources of any player, corporation or alliance that hire you and if you have a little time for you, you can live the game instead to just press a keyboard.


    Cause players are there for years before you, and they build the Empire that Eve Online is on this Days.

  • ShivamShivam MilanPosts: 465Member

    Eve online is leading the polls for game of the year on No surprise there;)

    You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty -- Mahatma Gandhi


  • DaSpackDaSpack BrightonPosts: 582Member Uncommon

    The Secret World PWNs for the the most promising upcoming game of 2012.

    The Ultimate Breakdown

  • Drekker17Drekker17 Highlands Ranch, COPosts: 296Member

    Originally posted by Loke666

    Originally posted by senadin

    Not sure why ArcheAge is in the list. The game doesnt even release in North America....
    maybe it will maybe it wont, we simple dont know.
    Do i think it stand to be something great? yeah fore sure but it does not deserve to win/be nominated  any award based on that premise.

    Because this is a international site and the world actually (*gasp*) is larger than the USA?

    There is nothing that stops games thet only releases in other parts of the world to get a award.


    Funny the guy is from stop bashing the USA...


    Best Hybrid: LoL-Only one I enjoyed.

    Rising Star: I chose Wildstar, though I knew it wouldn't be winning. Just looks coolest too me.

    Most Innovative: Rift-Honestly I don't know, but I found the Rift and class design a lot more different than anything in Swtor.

    Most Anticipated: Planetside 2-Something very different to play instead of another fantasy game like GW2.

    Game of the Year: WoW-All the choices sucked, but WoW is the only one I enjoyed.

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  • AnduriAnduri BhamPosts: 15Member

    Have to say The Secret World is easily the most promising for me. Sure GW2 looks good but I'm not sure I can stomach levelling in yet another fantasy setting. I mean, the setting is bad. And then there is the levelling.

  • almoalmo Montreal, QCPosts: 2Member

    The "culprit?" The culprit is IE 9. ;)

    EVE is forever.


  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,919Member Epic

    Originally posted by almo

    The "culprit?" The culprit is IE 9. ;)
    EVE is forever.

    There were a lot of people with Firefox complaining at the start of it. My Opera worked excellent after Mike fixed the counter (on the first page).

  • LeodiousLeodious Abingdon, VAPosts: 773Member Uncommon

    Two things.

    How are those games that aren't out up for the "Rising Star" award?

    How are all those games that have been out for years and years up for game of the year?

    "There are two great powers, and they've been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over ferociously between those who want us to know more and be wiser and stronger, and those who want us to obey and be humble and submit."

    — John Parry, to his son Will; "The Subtle Knife," by Phillip Pullman

  • DubhlaithDubhlaith EnnisPosts: 1,012Member

    Originally posted by dreamscaper
    Rift is currently leading by a heavy margin, despite the fact that the game does very little  that most of us consider innovative. Is it a good game? Sure. Does it deserve an award for innovation? No way in hell. This should have been a fairly easy win for Glitch, but unfortunately player's choice awards tend to be more like popularity contests than valid award competitions.

    I could not agree more. Glitch was not that interesting to me as a long-term game, but the ideas were incredibly innovative, and the way the game plays and how players interact with it and with their characters is so new, and refreshing. Without a doubt it is the most innovative on the list. There is no contest.

    "Gamers will no longer buy the argument that every MMO requires a subscription fee to offset server and bandwidth costs. It's not true — you know it, and they know it." —Jeff Strain, co-founder of ArenaNet, 2007

    WTF? No subscription fee?

  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    1. Hybrid-WoT Something different is FRESH.

    2. Rising-Firefall small game so much attention agains big budget NO BRAINER.

    3. Innovative-Glitch come on others in list are not by longshot innovative get real here.

    4. Anticipation-GW2 Can't deny this one is most attention WHORE.

    5. GotY - EVE offcorse way ahead of other ones.

    Btw REDICULOUS CONTEST with games out for so many years at least pick some indies instead BIG BUDGET TITLES rediculous.

    Bad move you LOSING it.

    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

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  • ddz1ddz1 Houston, TXPosts: 14Member

    pay no attention to the poll, this list is advertisment for the games by mmorpg.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Leodious

    Two things.
    How are those games that aren't out up for the "Rising Star" award?
    How are all those games that have been out for years and years up for game of the year?

    I don't know about the second one, but I think Rising Star is partially based on the hype and attention the title generated over the past year, and since has a ratings system specifically dedicated to hype, it makes sense.  I voted for Archeage, myself.  I hadn't even heard of it before this Fall, and it's looking amazing and has people talking.

  • seckelmanseckelman Lake Oswego, ORPosts: 1Member

    EVE - GoTY this year and most years.  When other games add content it's just more of the same - more dungeons, more raids, more loot.  When EVE adds content it adds more things for the player to do. 

  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon

    Im sticking with TSW, for most my votes. no other company is willing to stray from the cookie cutter path like TSW is.

    Because i can.
    I'm Hopeful For Every Game, Until the Fan Boys Attack My Games. Then the Knives Come Out.
    Logic every gamers worst enemy.

  • HerodesHerodes Posts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    MMORPG, what did you do? Why is there EVE and WoW to vote for?

    This year we had releases of DCUO, , Xsyon, Rift, Earthrise, ToR and maybe some I don´t know about. Why do you allow the Nostalgia-voting?

    Please guys, just one fking MMOrpg awards without bullshit. Just one year.

    Is it too much to ask for?


  • StanlyStankoStanlyStanko Stanksville, OHPosts: 270Member Uncommon

    EVE is love

    EVE is forever


  • killerayppkilleraypp Ottawa, ONPosts: 1Member

    EVE Online is leading wtih 49%. I think it needs more votes...

  • ostrich2ostrich2 warsawPosts: 1Member

    eve is more than 50%.... go eve


  • keyboardhackkeyboardhack københavn, TNPosts: 2Member

    EVE is forever <3

  • we can see how distorted these polls are.. man..

    EVE!!! i made an account today and have one post..


    edit: just went over the past pages and it's all over this thread. lol.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    I've never played Eve, but the voting is looking suspicious.  How many of these votes share the same IP number, I wonder.  Before anyone barks about my sharing in conspiracy theories, that kind of thing has happened numerous times on sites way bigger than MMORPG, so it is quite possible, if not probable.

  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member

    Originally posted by Eir_S

    I've never played Eve, but the voting is looking suspicious.  How many of these votes share the same IP number, I wonder.  Before anyone barks about my sharing in conspiracy theories, that kind of thing has happened numerous times on sites way bigger than MMORPG, so it is quite possible, if not probable.


    I played all five of the games in the GOTY catagory, and voted for EVE.  I'm not a huge fan of it, but I enjoyed it for a while, and consider the best of those five.  Especially considering how well its aging.  Other MMOs I enjoyed more in the past are unplayable now, due to feeling so dated, but not EVE.


    My second choice would be Rift, because it was the most fun in the short term, but behind EVE in depth, longevity, and innovation, which all come into consideration for me.


    Anyhow, just FWIW, the rationale behind my single vote in that catagory.

    When I want a single-player story, I'll play a single-player game. When I play an MMO, I want a massively multiplayer world.

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