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Eligium: Closed Beta Key Giveaway



  • airadoairado lexington, MAMember Posts: 42

    I would really love a key =)


  • MrkuikenMrkuiken HengeloMember Posts: 27 Uncommon

    Would love a key!! :)

  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Bluefield, WVMember Posts: 1,135 Uncommon

    I would like a key please


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  • pyrofreakpyrofreak In the middle of, PAMember Posts: 1,481 Uncommon

    Posting for the hell of it.

    Now with 57.3% more flames!

  • LolueMouaLolueMoua St. Paul, MNMember Posts: 20 Uncommon

    I'd like to get a key if there are still any left. Been trying super hard to get one for the past 2 months, and still haven't been able to get a hold of one. 




  • CecropiaCecropia Member Posts: 3,920 Uncommon

    Sure, I'll take a key, thanks.

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  • EleeriEleeri AndMember Posts: 17 Uncommon

    Hey! I will take an Eligium key :) Ty very much. :) 

  • ZyzraZyzra Madison, WIMember Posts: 354

    This game looks fun!  key for me?  :)

  • Grave1984Grave1984 HamburgMember Posts: 1
    would be cool to get a key too :) thanks
  • twi5tedazntwi5tedazn Toronto, ONMember Posts: 1

    can I have a key please :)




  • googleme221googleme221 coatesville, PAMember Posts: 1

    can u please send me one i would very much appercaite it my email is :)

  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulMember Posts: 483 Uncommon

    I would love a key  :) ty

  • Pythagoras2012Pythagoras2012 PaulistaMember Posts: 10 Uncommon

    Can I get a beta key please :D

  • ViVendiViVendi DubaiMember Posts: 32

    Beta key please, regards.

  • CoolWatersCoolWaters Memphis, TNMember Posts: 102 Uncommon

    I'll take one.

  • ApedemakApedemak MontrMember Posts: 1

    May I please have one! 

    I said please after all :o)

  • kramarkramar Raymond, MSMember Posts: 1

    Humbly request a key thx!

  • boosted928boosted928 Bethany, CTMember Posts: 1

    key? :D

     I would like a key please ^-^

  • AzorithAzorith Member Posts: 188 Uncommon

    I would like a key please.

  • hanainuhanainu Lansing, MIMember Posts: 9 Uncommon
    I would love a key please!
  • wozzerdeanwozzerdean londonMember Posts: 11 Uncommon

    Ill take one :)

  • CopyCatDk1CopyCatDk1 HelsingeMember Posts: 3 Uncommon

    ill take one 2 :) beta is very nice see you there

  • NivezNivez Palm Beach Gardens, FLMember Posts: 93

    Key please and thank you:):)

  • marcalanmarcalan Baxter, MNMember Posts: 2

    I'd like a key please.

  • TsubyTsuby LisboaMember Posts: 4 Uncommon

    I want one key please.

    Thank you. :)

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