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Eligium: Closed Beta Key Giveaway



  • AtiyinAtiyin GlasgowPosts: 3Member
    I would like a key please
  • rala2112rala2112 longueuil, WAPosts: 1Member

    Would love a key please, thanks.

  • aseeonaseeon CracowPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    o/ - key please

  • sgelsgel Posts: 1,340Member Uncommon

    I would also like a key if that's possible.

    Thank you.


  • VelillVelill Nampa, IDPosts: 1Member

    look good i like give it a try


  • KumakKumak Woodbridge, VAPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    May I have a CB key please, thanks.

  • ashamitaashamita don benitoPosts: 1Member

    i would like one key plx

  • RajishRajish warsawPosts: 1Member

    I would love 1 beta key please :)

  • Dutch57Dutch57 SchoonhovenPosts: 31Member

    Like to get a beta too i try out this game


  • pete7729pete7729 OakhamPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    May I have a key please? :)

  • moneycatmoneycat Richmond, VAPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    Trailer looks great, I'd like a key please ;)

  • grottek32grottek32 TiranaPosts: 5Member

    I would really like a closed beta key for this game. I've been waiting for so long :)

  • May I have a key, please?

  • ArrghArrgh Kinston, NCPosts: 66Member Common

    Panda key please.

  • mondayrobotmondayrobot bucurestiPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Would like a beta key please. Thanks

  • Fornax123Fornax123 Plano, TXPosts: 36Member Uncommon

    I'll take one please!

  • AdderaxAdderax Crystalis, VAPosts: 30Member

    Posting for a key,


    Thank you.

  • Branko2307Branko2307 PlanescapePosts: 260Member Uncommon

    id like one thank you


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  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Posts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    Would love a key if there are still any left, thanks!

    No signature, I don't have a pen

  • mrnapzptmrnapzpt lagosPosts: 1Member

    please one key, thank you so much:P

  • heroicfishheroicfish pleasant valley, NYPosts: 1Member

    Please send me a key and make all my panda dreams come true <3

  • reymiousreymious tampa, FLPosts: 1Member

    id like one if they're still keys available

  • samprashbomsamprashbom npjPosts: 1Member

    BETA key plz......thnk u :D

  • 32style32style DobrzykowPosts: 24Member

    I would love to get a key.

    For everyone else, Good luck !


  • McboozeMcbooze HallePosts: 1Member Uncommon

    What can I say : YES a beta key please :D

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