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Drakensang Online: First Impressions Overview with Ripper X

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic's Ripper X takes a look at the new free to play browser based MMORPG, Drakensang. Watch as Ripper takes his first steps in the world and see lots of game play action. Check out Drakensang: First Impressions Overview with Ripper X.



  • Falcon2KFalcon2K MönchengladbachPosts: 52Member

    The infos given in the article are mostly wrong.

    The game is not based on the dark eye pen & paper RPG in any way. Radon labs no longer has any licensing rights on this.

    The game only wants to profit on the Drakensang name which was used for 2 single player RPGs from Radon Labs which infact were based on the dark eye rules.

    Btw: Drakensang 2 was released in 2007 and so it was much less then 10 yrs ago.

  • ThillianThillian BratislavaPosts: 3,153Member Uncommon

    Yep, the info is totally wrong. 


  • ThillianThillian BratislavaPosts: 3,153Member Uncommon

    To be more precise:

    "Drakensang is the first PC game for over 10 years to be based on Germany's most successful and popular role-play system."


    • Drakensang: The Dark Eye, 2008,

    • Drakensang: The River of Time 2010,

    • Drakensang: Philleason's Secret, 2011 

    How could have RPG positive player missed them?

    Those were the games built upon the Dark Eye pen and paper rules. Drakensang Online is NOT based on the rules, so your "Drakensang is a third-person party-based RPG Game based on the pen & paper role-play rules of The Dark Eye." is another fallacy.



  • LavecLavec NewcastlePosts: 42Member Uncommon

    That info was taken from here ( applies to Drakensang and not Drakensang Online.

    The video review is good though and gives a good indication of what to expect.

  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    Was indeed a badly misinformed article and reviewer. As for the game, I loved it until a fairly recent patch when they made the items used in the mall drop extremely rarely in-game. Prior, you could grind for the RMT currency to buy things in the item mall, which are fairly essential to gameplay. You use the item mall currency not just to buy items like keys, potions, etc., but also to upgrade your gear, spells, etc. What this meant was a player could either play the game the normal way and get stronger over time, like a normal RPG, or they could pay to sort of skip all that if they chose. I loved that.


    Now, you have to pay just to play, which I wouldn't mind if it were a reasonable amount. But it's not. No browser game is worth more than the $15 a month I'd pay for a P2P game, sorry.

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • VincentG85VincentG85 BourgesPosts: 14Member

    Nice hearing a review that's so enthusiast !

    Was indeed looking for a small game, waiting for TSW !

  • samooryesordsamooryesord Emmaus, PAPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    Looks fun, to bad I can't even play it. I keep getting crappy error everytime I try to load the game...

  • bugse82bugse82 pernikPosts: 184Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by samooryesord

    Looks fun, to bad I can't even play it. I keep getting crappy error everytime I try to load the game...


    change your browser.


  • digiosodigioso RatingenPosts: 243Member Uncommon

    The game is crap... I loved the original Drakensang games. They're some of my favourite games but Drakensang Online only has the graphics and the name of Drakensang but that's it.

    The online game is just a ripoff and doesn't deserve the name Drakensang at all. You can't do anything without buying ingame stuff...

    Leg dich nie mit einem BAOD an, oder du bist selber dran.


  • PopplePopple Utica, NYPosts: 182Member Uncommon

    Well first put a lock on your wallet and throw away the Key..

    2nd. Grab your lanuage translator.

    3rd.Turn off the game Music and put on yours.

    4th. Play the game at work and never at home..

    5th.Good luck..I made it to lvl 20 and never went back..

    Want to know more? Try it your self ,you be your own Judge and Jury..

    I retired retroactively..Haha

  • AutemOxAutemOx Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,704Member

    Looks interesting.  I've never heard of Drakensang or Drakensang Online before.  RipperX is hilarious as always...  Although if you are going to edit the video up so much anyways I would at least get to level 10... lol.

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  • MacroHardMacroHard Fairfax, VAPosts: 104Member

    tried to play on my netbook and got a direct3D error... saw that coming

  • crazynannycrazynanny PopowoPosts: 173Member
    Went to first dungeon, defeated the boss and got nice shiny chest. Thrilled I rushed to open it - the key can be purchased in cash shop. This ended my adventure with Drakensang online.
  • XexvXexv Milton KeynesPosts: 308Member

    Originally posted by crazynanny
    Went to first dungeon, defeated the boss and got nice shiny chest. Thrilled I rushed to open it - the key can be purchased in cash shop. This ended my adventure with Drakensang online.


    Think I'll pass.

  • 43%burnt43%burnt StuttgartPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    It's published by Bigpoint. This is pretty much all you need to know to never ever want to touch it.

  • NeblessNebless Hammond, ORPosts: 1,008Member Uncommon

    Lot of "OMG YOU GOTTA USE THE CASH SHOP!!!" posts here.  All pretty much making it seem like you have to fork out real money to buy in game currency.

    As someone that's been playing it off and on since it came out and have yet to use the cash shop with real money, I have to ask WHY do you have to spend money?

    You do know that in game currency drops as loot in the game right?  Granted not in huge numbers but it can be had without buying it. 

    I just get the feeling that the same people complaining about having to spend real money to play are the same types that just have to have all the best gear RIGHT NOW.  Almost like those in LotRO that complain about spending real money to buy credits so they can get this months top of the line horse right now. 

    Hey here's a thought, just play the game and once you've racked up enough in game credits, then buy something.  No fuss, no muss and best of all, no hits on your credit card.

    Now if you want to let newbies know of the bad points of the game .....

    - I don't like the point and click method of moving.  It's too easy to get hung up in the trees etc.... and moving durning fighting becomes a chore.

    - Too limited inventory space, needs to be a little bigger, maybe even have a loot drop be a more slots.

    - No hotbar, control button change options.

    On the Good side .....

    - MOB's actually wander around,  There aren't any real safe spots out in the sticks where you can stop and sort your inventory, read quests etc..... 

    - No quest finder arrows.  You'll get "it's near the watermill south of town".  Now once you get close to the right area, you'll get a marker on your map, but prior to that it's up to you to put some thought into it.

    - Pretty interesting wilderness maps.  None of that go in a straight line stuff here.  It's actually fairly easy to get lost, especially if your running and fighting.

    My advice:  Download it and play it until you get to the 2nd large town (Kingsfell) without spending any money and then make up your mind.  That's where I'm at.  I haven't spent any money on it and don't intend to.  Do I see it as a primary game type of thing?  No.  I do see it as a I'm kind of bored, let's go hack and slash stuff type game and I'm fine with that.

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