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The Secret World: The Illuminati



  • fenrisbluefenrisblue hampton, VAPosts: 133Member Uncommon

    finally ,..we get to read about ourselves,...i do not think any of us illuminati bothered reading about the other 2 factions, we all think the templars are religious nutballs and the dragons are tree huggers,...or some think that there asians...i am not really sure why some of us think the later ,..but hey whatever,...they still didnt read .

  • wvmaxfangvwwvmaxfangvw Grawn, MIPosts: 22Member

    Illuminati - pretty spot on cuz they're easy to understand. They'd be the rich kid who has nothing better to do all day then spend money. Reality TV Stars and Rock Stars

    Templars - Are not religious in any stretch, just single minded... once they decide something is bad then it's pretty much game over.  Republicans and The Nazi Party (I could have said Catholic Church but there's the whole religion thing again)

    Dragon - Instigators and manipulators. Info on them isn't hidden so much as waiting for one worthy of finding it. Anonymous and... hmmm... The Oracle from The Matrix?



  • Merlin73Merlin73 St. KildaPosts: 9Member

    Actually I see it like this:


    Templar: Authoritarian but fraternal - a little like Soviet Communism minus the economics.


    Dragon: Anarcho Syndicalists, with organised units throughout the world intent on destabalising traditional power bases.


    Illuminati: Old school capitalists.


    All of these things though are means to an end. Each has a gnostic mystical bent as a primary motivation -


    The Templars seek to protect knowledge through authority, tradition, duty, and might.


    The Dragon seek to diseminate knowledge through destablising the power bases that control, guard, and manipulate it.


    The Illuminati seek to posess knowledge for themselves and will use whatever power or expedience they can to do so.


    None of the factions are sex, drugs, or religion and each is quite complex deep down.


    Anyways at the end of the day I won't tell you my faction ... but I'm not done!





  • Cdn_TamCdn_Tam Ottawa, ONPosts: 1Member

    I had kind of wanted to be a Dragon, because, really, dragons are cool and I like the color scheme associated with dragons, but based on the profile, I'm in the right place. Definitely not a Templar.

    And if I had a superpower I think flying would be good as long as I could fly long distances, like to Europe, not just 50 feet. I want Superman type flying powers, not Batman (which is just really good at jumping).

  • Hekate27Hekate27 LondonPosts: 47Member

    I made this post on another site somewhile ago as part of an RP thread, to give flavour to non asian Dragons (yes I know this article is about Illuminati but I don't like those great Merchant Bankers).  The Kate in the dialogue is a modern Pagan Witch living in London.

                                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Peering out of the living room window of her second floor flat Kate watches the people hurrying up and down the street, the park opposite was unusually busy for the time of year, a result of the autumn heatwave. It was rather lovely to see young couples taking advantage of the weather and to watch children playing, before the climate reasserted itself. Nature revelled in the unexpected late warmth.

    The phone rang.

    Sighing Kate turns from the window and crosses to the phone on the coffee table.

    Her friend Debbie had called to check that she was ok, and to pass on some information. The Highgate covern had been penetrated, the press was whipping up hysteria against "black magical practices in the heart of suburbia" "Satanists abusing children", religious leaders were speaking out against those it called "misguided followers of pagan practices".

    Was it time? Would those fanatics, the Knights of the Temple, truely be calling for all out war against the nature folk? Were the Burning Times to return?

    Her cats, Pywackett and Grimalkin, could sense her disquiet and brushed their warm bodies against her legs.

    "Well darlings it seems we might be forced to act", she muttered. "The Circle needs to be summoned."

    Kate checked the wards protecting her flat, all was intact, as well they might be. Templars were not the only, or even the greatest, threat to her and her kind. Out there in the dark corners lurked horrors that she and the coverns had been trying to protect the innocent, ignorant, masses from.

    Shaking herself from her reverie and moving with decisiveness, Kate crossed the room and out into the hallway. The door to her inner sanctum was closed but a sharp twist of the handle and a touch to the stone next to the lintle gave her access to the heavily curtained room. Lighting candles and droping a quick-light charcoal in the insense burner Kate began her preperations. Pywackett and Grimalkin moved quickly to cushions at two points of the Pentagram inscribed on the well trod wooden boards. Breathing in deeply of the heady scent of the insence, Kate began her chant.

    "Isis, Athena, Astarte, Hekate, Demeter, Kali, Innana."

    ... It was begun.


    Witches Rede:

    Do what thou wilt and harm ye none.

    Crowley's Rede:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Do what thou wilt, and harm ye none. - Witches Rede

  • InvintionInvintion naptown, INPosts: 28Member

    Originally posted by fenrisblue

     the dragons are tree huggers,...or some think that there asians...i am not really sure why some of us think the later ,..but hey whatever,...

    Being both, guess that chooses my faction? ;P


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