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This is a Odd little game

farfanugonfarfanugon huntington, INPosts: 419Member

  I dont know what to think of this one. the UI is a mess , its all over the screen the animation and tracking are off , and i had no problem fighting a lvl 28 monster with a lvl 11 toon geared in nubbie starter gear.

 But even with all this there was something fun about it . what it was i dont know . I couldnt help but notice when i finshed my chain of lvl 10 quests , i was lvl 25 . that in its self was a bit odd .

 i prob will log back in to play atleast 1 more time , just to try to pin point the fun aspect




  • obocoboc Northglenn, COPosts: 189Member Uncommon

    This is a great  little game actually. 1-25 is very easy, 25-30 is kinda easy . Once you hit 30-40 you'll find yourself screaming at the screen , because it takes 15 hits to kill a monster . But, once you hit 40 and make you're 2nd class change + you get you're new class weapon, the game changes 100% . 


    You will find  that most normal mobs in the game do like -1 damage to you, but this isn't the case in Instances , 46, 61 and 71 Instances you'll need a party, or you'll find yourself eating dirt fast. 


    I've been max level, max crafting for awhile now, and I still find myself logging in everyday , lol. 


    If you're gonna try this game out, give it to level 46 at least . 

  • elyanleyelyanley HamburgPosts: 1Member

    As being part of Luv through the Open Beta, i think I pretty much qualify as a long time Player.

    So I can say pretty much, what the Game Strong and Weak Points are.. only Problem all in all: The Game is dying.

    Many older Player are leaving the Game for good, I myself dont check in regular anymore. Sooo, before I list if this Game is for you, you might want to think about, if its worth trying a sinking Ship that probably wont have a Comeback, or not? Jump in the Water, you decide.


    So, let's get more into the Game. Duly noticed, the Game is "easy". And I mean really easy. First Levels fly by, you level up really fast, and only between 35-50 you have a bit of a challenge, because its not worth making Gear in that Level Range and you might not be lucky to farm some from the Mobs. After 50 and getting your Stardust Gear (yeah, its pretty much a given to get it), it again gets easy. You can even skip Lvl. 60 Gear. and Lvl. 80 Gear is also later only needed for PVP, which is on the other Hand starting to lose sense to, because the Players in the High Levels are starting to leave the Game.

    Also, Lvl Cap is 83. If you play every Day, have a good Guild, are really into the Game.. its a breeze. The only Reason Players took the Time and didnt Level was the Gear and the fear of outgrowing it to fast.

    Around Lvl 1, you decide what Jobs to take, from where on out you can go in different direction. Rogue, Mage and Warrior can change Jobs on Lvl 40 and again from these Subclasses on Lvl 80 to the final Classes.... Job Changing is also a breeze, dont worry. If you have any Problems, the Game will make it after the second or third try easier.

    And thats one of the biggest Problem of the Game. Its so unbalanced. You have a lot to do. Bountys and Dailys, and Mini-Games, but they feel so soon like a Core and that sucks the Fun out of it. Because you really need to do every little thing. Nothing seems like you can skip it for a Day.  Also on one Hand, the Mobs arent challenging, you can kill as a Lvl 60 probably Lvl 80 Mobs and dont get a bloody nose. Instances can be challenge, but in a good Group they are good manageable. Which wouldnt be a Problem, but if the Group all gets the Final Gear of their Lvl.. Instances are again far to easy to soon. Also the Drop Rate in later Levels is now so unbalanced, to create Fake Challenge, that it sucks another Layer outta the Game.

    Also, the Game has lots of Events, but mostly they are made in such an Time-Rate, that if you are in an Time-Zone that is like the one in European, you wont have much fun.

    The biggest thing you have to fight in the Game.. what, PVP? Oh no, we dont even come to PVP yet. Its the Game itself. Its so terrible Unstable. From Beta to now, it was never really stable. But its getting to a Point where it is beyond annoying. Specially after an Maintance, loveable named: Destroy-Tance. One Day after each one of them, the Game is nearly unplayable and one has to wait till they fix it again. Oh yes, and dont think that Maintance take as long as they say. 3 Hours can be 8 Hours, Time is relative, you know?

    PVP is a strange little Beast in this Game. Now we finally have on some lower Level Maps protection, on the other Hand than Lower Levels cant test the Water around each other. You can basically PVP in unprotected Maps anyone who you want and it doesnt matter much, accept if you PVP your own Faction. Attack an Lower Level? Who cares. No Punishment. Losing Equipment and Stuff from your Bag is another Part of PVP, a nice Bonus you can say. Like always, PVP is more made for whose who have CS Allowance. Which wouldnt be so bad if normal Players who just wander the Map get into it (though of course High Geared Players dont have to win.. I won an PVP Match against someone who was higher geared than myself too.. Was a nice Revenge~)

    Cash Shop Items are.. strange. Some are usefull, others only to look into, the Prices are.. well, very Pricey. Most things you might need you can buy from Gold from other Players, so that is nice at least.

    In the End, what comes to the Game is.. that it gets boring. The new Content was very scarce, Outspark let many thinks out for there CashShop, which wouldnt be to bad, if they maybe changed it and brought it in another way. Translation are still a bit off, some new Skills are still Bugged (I still can't get one of my new Sage-Skills and I dont know why) and all seems so unfinished.

    New Jobs are also right now in a strange Balance where no one knows what comes, because the new Cap was so stupid set.


    All in all. The Game feels right now raw. Its easy, its boring. It has unfair Drop Rates on Higher Levels. The Players are jumping off, its unstable like Hell..

    What kept myself so long was the Guild I was in. Friendly Peole who liked the Game, saw what it could have offered to us.. Because the Game has so many Things in it that could make it really shine. So many Ideas and Angles, so many things you could do.. This Game could easily shine, it really could.. instead its dying and broken with burned out Players.

    Luvinia is a fun little Game. It has Charme and Ideas, it has an pretty good Community which had a lot of Drama in it, but most of the World-Chat Drama-Players are.. well, you know by now, they left. If you think new Blood might help the Game, and wanna try out an not Bad-MMO which is not to hard, well, choin us. Who knows, maybe the Game will have an Comeback^^ I certainly hope so, because Luv still has a Place in my Heart.


    An small (and slightly bitter) Review of the Game.

    Lvl 83 Sage, fading out.

  • ddz1ddz1 Houston, TXPosts: 14Member

    thanks for the review, i will definetly download and check out this game now.


    like 80% of what you said is true to Eden Eternal game drops after patch/maint .

    just maxed at 60 and dont feel like playing anymore.

    all my guildmates just run solo bard/engineer dungeons for gold to buy new costumes lol.

    i learned when to move on when nothing left to do haha, it was a really fun 3 months though.



  • luvinia4evaluvinia4eva seoul, NEPosts: 1Member

    Hey guys, 

    Outspark was a financially struggling company and had never fully localized or marketed the game when it first came out. Despite having better gameplay and more modern features than fiesta, it seems the game never truly realized its full potential. The graphics were deliberately based off final fantasy 8 to provide a retro feeling, and  the 2013 release has over 110 levels, superior game balancing and better localization. This game has millions of players in Asia, especially Japan, China and korea and is based on fantasy and humor (using lollipops and fish bones as weapons for example). With new classes, and a brand new expansion pack coming out in the next few weeks, I'd say Soa Games did a magnificant job of bringing the game back. I personally go for fun game play and friendly community over graphic intensive games. I'd say this game is awesome to play and who cares if it's similar to world of warcraft. Which mmo rpg isn't? as far as I'm concerned, I love it.. and I look forward to playing this game for years to come. There's rumors of Luvinia 2 coming out in a few years, I really hope companies like Soa Games becomes successful. They went against all odds in bringing the game back to its players and it's obvious they love games from the way they manage the events. Thank you Soa!

  • HarbourlightHarbourlight HannoverPosts: 8Member Common

    I sometimes like to try out a game that aims at kids/youngsters - like Dragon Nest or Free Realms - so I downloaded Luvinia World and jumped in. Uuuaaarghhhh.... window-mode only, crappiest UI on the market ever, a paper-cut like scenery., nerve wrecking soundtrack that doesn't deserve the name. Dreadful ! Even "Atlantica Online" (for kids, too) is miles better.

    No wonder LW is dying. The players decide.

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