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A game with a specific class?

omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

Greetings and Salutations, well, I suppose I'll just get straight to the point...I'm pretty content currently but if I could bother the patrons here at with a question, it would be much appreciated.

I am looking for a game with a Scientific style class (not a sci-fi game/theme though) What I mean is...a class that either Uses technology or B, guns (this too a lesser extent). As an example? La Tales Engistar, Ragnaroks Geneticist and Tricksters Cyber something or other (cannot recall, apologies) Again though, I do not want the game itself to take place in a sci-fi setting, just for one class or so to use technology. 

My kindest regards.



  • SepulcherSepulcher Phoenix, AZPosts: 216Member

    City of Heroes

    Champions Online

    World of Warcraft (pick a hunter with engineering)

    Guild Wars 2 (not out yet)


    Best I can come up with atm

  • omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

    Thank you for that. (Not trying to sound rude in any way, shape or form) But, that can't be all that there is out there... thus, I will do a mini bump. I thank you kindly again for those games.


  • SepulcherSepulcher Phoenix, AZPosts: 216Member

    A few more i could think of:

    RF Online



    Warhammer Online

    uh...there have to be more but I think that is all I can contribute.  Hope it helps.

  • omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

    Ryzom and Wakfu have tech-style classes? I was completely unaware. I must say, thank you very much for that. I've heard of Ryzom and how people have enjoyed it, but never had much of an incentive to try it for myself. Now I suppose I do. Thank you.


  • KhaerosKhaeros Monroe, NYPosts: 452Member

    I'll second the superhero games.  I haven't played CO yet, but in City of Heroes you can pick two powersets for any archetype - primary and secondary.  There are powersets like Dual Pistols, Beam Rifle, Robotics, Thugs, Traps, Force Field, and some more that I'm probably forgetting.  The character creator is great and you can create a costume that fits your theme.  In DCUO, it works in a similar way but you pick a power and a weapon, where your power determines what your party role is.  I believe Gadgets is a power.


    The only problem is that City of Heroes can feel very sci-fi once you get into later content (alien invasions, same as DCUO).  It's a bit better if you play a Villain - the Rogue Isles really feel desolate and run down and you don't encounter too many megacorporation labs and stuff like that.  Just Arachnos as a whole.


    Dungeon Fighter Online has a gunner class.   I'm pretty sure one of its subclasses is a mechanic - you can basically summon a bunch of drones.


    Also seconding WoW.  Engineers get plenty of cool tricks up their sleeves like grenades, special augments to items that allow you to create featherfall effects, shields, and buffs, do strange or dangerous things that might backfire on you, have teleporters to extra places in the game world, and some more.


    DDO's newest class is the Artificer.  You get a construct pet, you have this rune arm device that you can use for a damage blast, the class pairs with repeating crossbows very well, and you can throw healing potions for AOE healing through spells.  That said, DDO's setting is Eberron which normally includes constructs and airships, but then again, it's less sci-fi than the superhero games.

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