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Last Chaos ~ Aeria Games

Aeriagames is a company that currently has Last Chaos, Shaiya and many other MMORPG's.

AeriaGames as a company tries very hard to keep up with the growing community and does strive to do its best.

Last Chaos is a Free-To-Play online game ~ LastChaos-Japan ( Version ( and a handful of others.

In Last Chaos you gain xp and sp and level up to strive to be the very best you can under many different classes. The new Night Shadow character, which is now offered upon having a lvl 90 on the account, will begin to fly around the lands as it seeks out the souls of enemies.

A Phoenix birth system is the character prior to the Night Shadow. This unique character allows you to make one born into the game with extra stats and unique pet color crystal that gives your pet a fire look. This one requires the Phoenix ticket and a character on the account lvl 100 ---

Last Chaos is very unique in the fighting and skill system and the PvP is unlike any others.

Test your knowledge by helping the community. Become a Last Chaos guru (and other of their games as well) by accepting the position of Game Sage. Thru this process your communication with Game Masters and the community will help work out bugs, glitches and ideas by working closely with Game Masters in attempt to make the game the best it can possibly be.

Aeria Games keeps their players on their toes by offering special in game promotions and events that will have you shaking out the gate after the monster who threatens the city or to their home page where special deals go on sale for a limited time only!


Don't allow a few angry and hurt feelings discourage you from trying this game. Through the years I've come across nothing like it and plan to continue to promote a company who strives against these odds to do their very best in the most light of heart as they can.

And this my dear readers, is from a real former GameSage.



  • farfanugonfarfanugon huntington, INPosts: 419Member

    ok if you use this forums you know I never have anything good to say , and if i say 1 thing good ill have 2 things bad to counter it . now read on from here if you want .

    i think frustration is the main cause of the the players dropping the flame threads in the LC forums , so something happened and blaw blaw blaw now you need a GM help , you do all the contact us junk , wait wait  and WTH the reply dont even match the complaint . right  . ok  cool i can clean this up a bit .

    not everyone is a american , not everyone speaks english , avoid slang , type slow , use spell checker , if it has red dots under the word even if you know its right change it . in the world of MMO's english is a minority . so the chances are the person answering you contact us will not be a english speaking person , and may have to translate you request word for word . have you ever used a translator on a site just to come up with a jumble of words that made no reason . ya well thats what your request looked like

    now if you make short , to the point , no misspelling , no slang , no abreviations , request  your far more apt to get help



  • muc1004muc1004 BerlinPosts: 6Member

    I only played LC for about 6 months. I think we had been about lvl 30 in the end.

    The graphic isn't the best but what do you think about the first serious engine? I didn't find many bugs. And I didn't need to contact the support.

    I only played my way through and then suddenly hadn't any quests left. I think that was the dead point. I don't like killing monsters hour after hour.

    The only thing I didn't see in any other game is the arena for one player. But this got also boring after a time.

    So there isn't much to say. The game isn't very bad but it isn't something special, either.

  • Hey GMTaz, I guess people have to be paid to say good things about LC lol.  I guess you can't respond since you haven't logged in to this account since you made your one ad.. I mean post.  As for all the negative posts about aeria/last chaos, it's been a long time since I played (about 3-4 years) I quit after a banning issue.  no need for details suffice to say after some angry emails that were ignored I pointed out I pay to play and boom, issue resolved, still have no idea why and still don't care.

    Most ftp games out there follow the same pattern, free gets you very little, pay makes you god.  How they make you want to pay varies little and the longer the game is around the less likely free will get you any where, as they already have their money and are just wringing the last pennies out of dying populations and game reputation.

    Nostalgia got me looking back at old games I've played over the years to see what one are still around, I am somewhat surprised to see this one still going,  I can't imagine anyone would play for longer then a year without realizing how bad this is.

    BTW sorry about the semi necro post but it seems 3-4 month replies are pretty common so I said WTH.

  • Asm0deusAsm0deus BaatorPosts: 1,758Member Rare

    The game was decnt from 2006 to 2009 and the took a big dive. Its abuggy badly coded peice of garbage now.

    Plus its the very meaning of p2win, you only will see how lvl is once you reach lvl 95 or so.


    my advice stay away lmao there muc much better than to play for free now

    Brenics ~ Just to point out I do believe Chris Roberts is going down as the man who cheated backers and took down crowdfunding for gaming.

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  • hybridchichybridchic Philadelphia, PAPosts: 20Member

    I'm trying to figure out why this thread was semi resurrected. Don't mind this post : )

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