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Well made f2p game

halidbi1halidbi1 fort smith, ARPosts: 42Member

i started playing this game Friday 26th, it was fun from the start, this game is a mix of WoW cartoonishness, Fiesta characters, but its very unique when it comes to its class system and all that junk, my favorite part is that it isnt pay 2 win like most f2p games, im not for sure yet, because im only lvl 16 in it, i havent seen the whole game yet., but its so far one of my favorite f2p games, more people should play it.



  • keanookeanoo londonPosts: 6Member

    I agree, best F2P game I've played so far!

    Love the cartoony graphics, combat is smooth and fun, love the auto run feature and it's also nice and busy if you play on channel 1, loads of people running around at all levels.

  • ddz1ddz1 Houston, TXPosts: 14Member

    gotta say this is a fun game so far, LvL31after about 5 days and most of my toons are lvl 21ish.

    i really like the thief, i dont know why i usually play tank hehe!





  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    I have to agree, and after trying like 20 games I finally found one to my liking. Even though I actually don't like the graphic style at all, and the races are not great. But its fluid, and seems to enough unique class features to make it fresh. Loving it so far, hopefully something that can keep my attetion until archage - the only mmorpg I have a slight expectations to.

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