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WildStar: The Year Ahead

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

WildStar is ready to kick it into high gear in 2012 and we take a few minutes today to opine about what might possibly mean as the year gets underway. See what we think and then add your own ideas to the comments.

2012 is a crowded space for the MMO industry already. But where does WildStar Online fit in for 2012? Sure NCsoft has GW2 (hopefully without delay), and there’s Funcom’s The Secret World, and Firefall, TERA, likely a WoW expansion, and likely Planetside 2 and a few others I’m forgetting too. It’s a great year to be an MMO gamer, or should be. But where does that leave Carbine’s WildStar? Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far from the unveiling, and hazard a few guesses at what 2012 could bring to this interesting new sandbox/themepark hybrid MMO.

Read more of Bill Murphy's WildStar: The Year Ahead.


  • black_isleblack_isle IstanbulPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    Hey i thought this was a shooter like firefall, tribes and planetside 2. If this is a full fledged mmo then my interest just rocketed and can't wait to play. The space-western setting rocks!!

  • Zap-RoboZap-Robo Youngstown, OHPosts: 233Member Uncommon

    If there's info known, then it's on the WildStar Central Wiki - if it's been missed then it'll be up there soon! :)

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    ZapRobo (PlanetSide 2) | Zap-Robo (The Secret World)
    @Master Zaprobo (City of Heroes) | Zaphod@Zap-Robo (Star Trek Online)

  • bhimabhima Sacramento, CAPosts: 81Member

    If this game is buy2play like GW2 I will DEFINITELY be keeping an eye on it. If its a subscription, I'll probably just pass on this.

  • AkruxAkrux Goderich, ONPosts: 56Member

    I have been following Wildstar for a while. They will be competing head to head with Dominus. Dominus is another sci-fi title that is more like DAoC in the future. Dominus defintely has a strong PvP emphasis but I am not sure how important PvP will be in Wildstar. It looks like Dominus will launch first but we shall see.

  • RogoshRogosh MIPosts: 206Member Uncommon

    Keep giving us more info, Wildstar is sure to be a winner.

    "Its better to look ugly and win than pretty and lose"

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