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Which card should i buy to upgrade from GTX 460 ?

toiboirac123toiboirac123 Houston, TXPosts: 6Member

I'm having a gtx 460 1bg right now, and looking for a better card. Which card should i buy to have twice as much the ability of gtx 460? dont ask me about my budget.


  • skeaserskeaser Wichita Falls, TXPosts: 3,881Member Uncommon

    Throw another 460 in and you should be fine.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 16,646Member Epic

    If you want to double the performance of a GeForce GTX 460 1 GB, then your only option is a Radeon HD 7970.  It's not out quite yet, but the reviews are, and AMD says it's coming January 9.  It also costs $550, or rather, will cost that when it is available.

  • KalmarthKalmarth Lake Havasu City, AZPosts: 443Member,3085.html

    This is a great place to get recommendations on upgrades


  • ars2010ars2010 Kansas City, KSPosts: 15Member

    I think gtx 460 is not that bad :)

  • CacophanistCacophanist MumbaiPosts: 100Member

    What could you be playing that you would need anything more than a 460?

    All PC games released now are never going to push past what a 460 can deal with as they are all retarded by being developed for consoles first. BF3 was meant to be PC first but it is not.

    Yep I am trolling a bit here as obviolulsy there are games that need more than a 460 but I am just an angry PC gamer pissed off with consoles holding gaming back.

    2012 could see a new PS and Xbox though...

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