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SW:TOR - Group Questing and World PvP on Hoth - MARRY CHRISTMAS!

quickshotzquickshotz Barrie, ONPosts: 215Member



Just some group questing on Hoth. We run into a lot of imps so there is a fair bit of world pvp as well (both win and lose). Despite all the hate me and my friends are still really enjoying questing together and pvping together. BTW marry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy the vid


Also there are pixel artifacts in parts of the recording, fraps went haywire for some reason (its done that a few times in the last week). I think its my new hard drive. I will deff be looking into the problem, videos still 100% watchable though ;)




*Windows 7 - 64 Bit

*Tower: Cooler Master 690

*Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3ghz OC'ed to 4.7ghz

*Ram: 8GB 1600mhz g.skill ripjaws

*Graphics Card: Ati 6850 x2 crossfire Oc'ed to 930/1150

*Mother Board: Asus P8P67

*Power Supply: Antec current gamer 620watt

*Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM


  • Syphin_BSyphin_B Salisbury, MDPosts: 276Member Uncommon

    Im all for PvP, but uhhhhh you guys are zerging solo players. Wtf is there skill in that?  



    Cool videos though! Love the commentary


    ps..yea dont WASTE YOUR COOLDOWNS, WE NEED THEM WHEN WE 2 V 1 these kids . :P

  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 2,383Member

    I like how they apparently have "rules" about ganking if someone is doing a quest, and then go ahead and gank every other player they come up against anyway. Back in the old days, when we used to have to walk barefoot through the snow 5 miles to and from school, guilds had these same rules but actually stuck by them.


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