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General: Merry Christmas from



  • opposedcrowopposedcrow Framingham, MAPosts: 55Member

    Happy Fesituvs to you as well good sir! (<- big Seinfeld fan).

    Well done article, merry christmas and happy gaming to everyone out there.

  • SanguinelustSanguinelust Plainfield, NJPosts: 811Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by 77lolmac77

    No I dont live with my mother and I dont ask my family for anything for Christmas because I prefer to get it myself and because I dont get them anything. I work 40+ hours a week and pay all my bills. I may be a bit cynical but I prefer to call it like I see it which is what I did. And I dont wear Aeropostale my jeans are ripped from actual work not as a fashion trend.

    Oh so your jeans are ripped? OK not Aeroprostate or whatever it's called, Hot Topic, different store same mall.


    Merry Christmas.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,930Member Legendary

    Happy Christmas to all.  Holidays are what you choose to make them.  It's all how you look at it.


    Great article Bill.  I can definitely relate on a few levels.

    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • black_isleblack_isle IstanbulPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    Damn, did this article hit some spots...

    I am not a christian, in fact i don't practice any religion or beliefs but i know the holiday spirit and how to enjoy it. So, happy holidays then.

  • AeolronAeolron Ottawa, ONPosts: 648Member
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!
  • DerWotanDerWotan NorrathPosts: 1,012Member

    Happy holidays and Christmas everyone hope you enjoy yourself!

    We need a MMORPG Cataclysm asap, finish the dark age of MMORPGS now!

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  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by black_isle

    Damn, did this article hit some spots...

    I am not a christian, in fact i don't practice any religion or beliefs but i know the holiday spirit and how to enjoy it. So, happy holidays then.

    Don't get bogged down in the whole christianity aspect of christmas as the religous undertones of christmas barely remain for most people now days. It's turned into more of a holiday to celeberate friends and family. Before Christmas there were similar holidays almost at the exact same time of year like the Roman winter solstice or the pagan winter festivals. Christmas has a mix of traditions at this point as well. There are customs and traditions that are pagan in origin, some christian ones and then whats considered secular ones. 


    At the end of the day whether you are religious or not what Christmas has become is a time of year to gather your loved ones together and celebrate. So kick back, don't be so serious and enjoy. 


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Nooo, AKPosts: 1,781Member Uncommon

    I don't see a real holiday at all.

    All Isee are irritating television commericials for jewelry, cars and cell phones.

  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon

    Happy Yuletide Everyone!



  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAPosts: 3,575Member Uncommon

    Merry Christmas!


    Like the OP I looked on longingly at the atari and took every chance I could get to play.  After a lot of parents finally broke down and got me a game console.  I still remember the excitement as I unwrapped the box from under the Christmas tree and there it was....a Magnavox Odyssey.  It was not the first....but one of the most memorable WTF moments of my childhood.  I had never even heard of a Magnavox Odyssey.  In fact, there was only one kid in my entire school that ever had the Magnavox Odyssey, and he went on to become our towns notorious hammer murderer.  I'm sure it was just a cooincidence he had an Odyssey...



  • IceAgeIceAge SomeWhere In .. RomaniaPosts: 1,442Member Rare

    Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! Best wishes to all of you!


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  • CalerxesCalerxes LondonPosts: 1,633Member Uncommon

    Merry Christmas to all from my cosey flat in England get together with friends and family and enjoy some good food, wine and games and enjoy being alive.

    This doom and gloom thread was brought to you by Chin Up™ the new ultra high caffeine soft drink for gamers who just need that boost of happiness after a long forum session.

  • victorbjrvictorbjr Quezon CityPosts: 209Member Uncommon

    Merry Christmas! :D

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  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,764Member Uncommon

    Bah, humbug!


  • OmnifishOmnifish LondonPosts: 616Member

    Same to you Bill and everyone else on the forums.  Lets have another year of resonable debate and interesting comments eh? :P

    This looks like a job for....The Riviera Kid!

  • MMObroMMObro Oviedo, FLPosts: 90Member Uncommon

    merry christmas you guys, thanks for this site and everyone who posts here.

  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn belleville, ILPosts: 2,840Member Rare

    Originally posted by 77lolmac77

    Christmas is a joke. The whole theme is to celebrate being thankful for what you have and spreading joy. Somehow that got translated to people scrambling to get gifts which usually turn out to be something the receiver doesnt want. Everyone puts on a fake smile and acts like they care about other people. Maybe my family is just dysfunctional but you all know what I'm trying to say. So many ungrateful kids "I asked for a red sweatshirt not blue omg TAKE IT BACK" its ridiculous. Theres kids in other countries that juwt want to survive for christmas, or have a meal. USA needs to wake up as a country

    thats the spirit.  fight having a positive thought to the bitter end

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • kokotewakokotewa Toronto, ONPosts: 16Member


    !Merry Christmas! ..................................................................................................

    Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas - Original Video 1984


  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon

    Best to you and yours, from us and ours :-)

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  • BOEXBOEX RIPLEYPosts: 34Member

    Merry Christmas and Happy New  Year!Have a lovely holyday!


  • RequiamerRequiamer ???Posts: 2,034Member

    Merry Christmas to you, have fun, and don't eat too much chocolate.

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    Not the place for a religious debate, guys. Remember that discussion of religious topics is no longer permitted on the forums.

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  • Sys7emSys7em Edmonds, WAPosts: 120Member Uncommon

    Happy Holidays!

    Crazy Frog!




  • AnanamooseAnanamoose Yourface, CAPosts: 118Member

    Originally posted by Delvie

    Happy Holidays all.


    Oh and to the bah humbugs out there - we don't exchange gifts at all anymore, not even drawing names out of a hat - there again we knock ourselves out with the food we bring to the potluck.  It really is about spending time with people.


    We are planning a game filled weekend, none of it electronic.  When the big crowd gets together it will be Charades (can't wait to get our fussy old aunt to act out an octopus).  One of the kids came to town bearing 3 new games for us all to try out so I can't wait until work is over today.  I have all my shopping done until tomorrow when I pick up the food for the party so tonight will be pure board game heaven.


    hahaha..I love the mental image of a fussy old aunt acting out an octopus! I think that is one of the best images ever. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!

    Do you want some cheese with that whine? :)

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