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Auto Assault: Roadhouse #4

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Laura Genender took part in the fourth Roadhouse session for Auto Assault earlier this week. Her in game tour left her with the following article to close out the series:

image After three weeks of teleconferences and a week of play testing, the final AutoAssault roadhouse, an in game tour, was a bitter sweet occasion — on one hand, I was getting an awesome tour by the makers of the game… but on the other, this was the last of the roadhouse sessions.

The NetDevil team split into three groups, one of each race, and met us to convoy up at the exits of our race’s starting towns. As a Biomek Agent I started out in Fort Logan, the militaristic Biomek starter town. Here I met up with Hanlin, Lead Content Designer for the Biomeks and Booker, Lead Systems Designer and “crafting prince.”

You can read her entire article here.

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  • aras420aras420 Frederick, MDPosts: 50Member

    I can't wait for this game to be released. I think it has great promise and all I've heard about it has been good. This should be a good change for the click and wait battle system we're all used to. Plus, I can't wait to trick out my ride!!! This game is gonna be a blast. I'm gonna be a mutant bounty hunter! Anyone as psyched about this game as I am? I'm just sick of playing WoW, and can't get into guild wars or eve. AA seems to be the breath of fresh air the MMO community needs.

    Just try it... I dare ya... Go ahaed...

  • PacotheparroPacotheparro Buellton, CAPosts: 1Member

    If what the devs said is true this game is going to rock! I agree with the poster above me in that I know wow is getting a little boring and none of the other mmos of the time really interest me. I wonder how hard it will be to level in this game? and I hope the crafting system is as good as they made it sound. Who knows it could just be hype?

  • LordDraykoLordDrayko Alexandria, LAPosts: 4Member

    Yea, I think AA looks like it's going to be a whole lot of fun. I'm not real sure which char/class I will be yet. I usually wait untill im in char. creation and just go off impulse. I've tried planning my char. during game development, but I usually change my mind every other day and I end up having no idea what char/class I want to be at release anyways. So why bother with it all in the beginning. image




  • anarchyartanarchyart north delta, BCPosts: 5,378Member
    Sounds intriguing to say the very least...I'll buy it just to see how it all works together. Looking awesome in the screenshots too, definately a nice change from the run of the mill. This game might be a big suprise image

  • PaksPaks No Where, OHPosts: 263Member

    Do they plan on having an open beta? It looks like my chances for getting in the closed beta are slim to none. *cries*

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