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  • MasterChaosXMasterChaosX Plano, TXPosts: 52Member

    Have you tried Cabal Online?

  • talonmastalonmas GothenburgPosts: 1Member

    There is no such thing as a free lunch.


    But I'll give a tip anyway. Tibia (

    This is THE best mmorpg ever, with 30k players online at all time. But this is a game for gamers, not fanbois. So you prolly disgard it because of graphics.... But think a while why 30k players are online 24/7 even with thtat sucky graphics?


    Or you can try out War of the Immortals from Perfect World. The PvP is restricted to very few areas and otherwise only weekly guild wars. So it's mostly PvE (the pvp sucks anyway, lol). It's a great fun game and timekiller while waiting for future AAA titles. Think this one would be perfect for your current needs :)

  • magda15magda15 PisaPosts: 22Member

    I heard, that Cabal was i top5 of pvp games.

    But Tibia, I just dont like. Like WoW, they have millions of players, but just it isnt game for me.

    I dowloaded this WoI and  found it nice, ty all for your help  :)

  • EdgingbladeEdgingblade yuma, AZPosts: 13Member

    If you're looking for a unique experience that meets all your requirements perhaps try Red Stone Online. Multiple ways of leveling, lots of fun and addictive looting, plenty of title quests, main quests, dungeon quests, and 100's of ways to build your characters skills up and stats up differently. 

    Happy gaming friend ^__^

  • magda15magda15 PisaPosts: 22Member

    After all I can say, that all PW games, have so horrible regen, that w/o investing in pots u cant play.

    And RS, in tutorial there were thing, that I can do, now Im cclicking and nothing ;/

  • zhombiezhombie Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 160Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by magda15

    After all I can say, that all PW games, have so horrible regen, that w/o investing in pots u cant play.
    And RS, in tutorial there were thing, that I can do, now Im cclicking and nothing ;/

    Gah! Several people now have given you plenty of good choices . As was also stated, there is no such thing as a free ride. You will never find a f2p mmo that does not have a cash shop nor will it be easy to find one with zero pvp. Based on your 'wants' from the first post and gathered from your later posts in this thread you are looking for a game that's:

    • Solo friendly (you want to summon 'friends/party members'.)

    • Instant mana/hp regen.

    • Completely free and unaffected by cash shop.

    • High end, or near to high end graphics.

    • AOE mob grinding (For, I'm assuming, easier rep/gear gains)

    • Fairly simple gameplay

    There is NO MMO with that. Your complaints about all those games could be cured with a modicum of patience. And PVP is largely optional in most games regardless of how many factions there are.


    The next closest thing to what you are looking for would be maybe Torchligh (which still involves investing a little cash.) It is Diablo2-like, but I seriously doubt you are looking for a mmo at this point.


    I thought I was picky about the games I play. . .

    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. - Oscar Wilde

  • nyxiumnyxium Posts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    As the shit hits the fan over the Euro in 2012 I will be looking for a F2P as my main game. AoC looks like the best contender so far but Funcom makes me cautious. Still, will give it a shot.


    That's Age of Conan by the way.

  • magda15magda15 PisaPosts: 22Member

    I played Torrchlight but it end :( Now Im waiting for T2.

    And like some wrote, that game I like can be Talisman Online, but they destryoed it so much.

    And PvP can be, but not so aggressive like 2 fractions. And PvP can destroy PvE like ure killing hard boss, u both have low hp and some *** come to kill you...

    AoC is gaint for me, 8 gb, eh ill try tomorrow :]

    And after all, AoC is PvP game and u need to pay for better characters...


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