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Lucent Heart: Footloose or Funless?

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In the latest review, we take a look at Lucent Heart, considered to be the world's first "dating" MMO. See how Lucent Heart stacks up against others in the MMORPG market. Played Lucent Heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Many stigmas are attached to a person when it becomes known they play MMOs. One of those stigmas is definitely not that the person in question has a budding social life or a significant other, to the contrary, the (in)famous South Park episode about WoW cemented that “monster in a cave” aesthetic instead. Lucent Heart doesn’t agree with such ideologies though and being a “dating” MMO it strives to draw people together and help love blossom. Does this successful Japanese MMO port over to the US well or is it just another peculiar novelty not worth the time to download?

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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,382Member Epic

    A mere 5.5 for polish without mentioning a single bug or even an ill-conceived game decision?  I have no clue whether the game is polished or not, but can't you give some reasoning for the rating?  I don't think the word "polish" as applied to games means what you think it means.

  • sanman7890sanman7890 Medina, OHPosts: 96Member

    An ill-conceived game decision would likely fall under gameplay.  While you have a valid point about polish and bugs being connected, implying a major gameplay decision being bungled is mere polish implies that you are the one who doesn't quite understand what the term means.

    I.E. Trying to make an innovative combat system but failing horribly falls under innovation or  gameplay, whereas having the ears look more square than round would fall under the polish category.

    Also having a five+ year old game not have bugs in the oldest content (the stuff I mostly played) isn't terribly impressive by any stretch of the imagination now is it?



  • gandalesgandales Pembroke Pines, FLPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    TBH, I think it would be difficult for a reviewer to avoid have some bias against this game. First the animeish style kind of succesor of Luna Online, and second the extreme social/couple mechanics(including the dancing) that are more less the key feature. I can't help to wonder if they are penalized by not going through the mainstream tough characters. 

    I considered myself pretty open and I couldn't get into the game since I felt weird with all the social interaction pushing inside, but that's my particular case, the rest of the people I saw look like they were having a lot of fun.

  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Asheville, NCPosts: 366Member

    This is reallly dumb. A "Dating mmo" Who in the hell wants that... If you are that desprate for a girlfriend or boyfriend maybe you should't be playing mmos.......

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  • I have played this. While the social aspects of the game are great, there are alot of things i do not like.

    The game is a grind fest. Lack of quests (mostly at higher levels) makes the game a huge grinding fest. Dailys are boring and the same for five levels. You can do quests for the knight regiment, but you have to sit there and ask for a quest, refuse, ask again for a half hour to an hour to get a good one worth doing. Most times he will offer quests below your level with far too less of a reward or a quest far too hard that can only be done with a group.

    Crafting is a joke. You fail 75% of the time and you lose ALL the material. The only way to ensure success is with potions from the item mall. Having to buy a potion for each item you craft. The potion only works for one crafted item. Even if you get to high level crafting the  does not change.

    The game focuses alot on couples. Couples have to quest together to get special points in order to get new emotes and eventually get married. While you can have more than one soul mate, it is hard to quest with each of them in order to gain the benifits from the system for each person. Most of the time you wind up focusing on one soul mate and thus spend most of your game time grinding with that person in order to gain the benifits of the social system.

    There is far too little in the actual game. Most (but not all) good items, special potions, rewards, mounts, outfits, etc come from the item mall only. Sure you can buy alot of them from players but don't look to be able to afford any of it till you are over level 50 as it will cost you millions.

    The monsters and mobs in the game seem the same. You basicly fight the same mobs from lvl 1 to lvl 40, from 40 to 50, etc... there is no diversity in the mobs. Most of them are the same mob just a different name.

    The game has a great appeal at frist and the social system is pretty cool. But in the long run after grinding the same quests over and over and over, it becomes a boring hassle.

    These are just a few things, though i can name a whole lot more that is wrong with the game, but i don't want to get into a long drawn out article.

  • jared626jared626 Oakwood, OHPosts: 6Member

    Played too many MMOs already, seen too many griefers (myself included), trolled, got trolled, all the fun social aspects of MMOs, etc.

    But this game is just full of lulz. Think preppy ninjas dancing beneath colored spotlights. Llamas that could send my little ponies a run for their money, and the cheesiest pick-up lines ever to be uttered by cave dwellers pretending to be anime girls!

    You think that hell is full of fire and brimstone?!

    THIS IS HELL.. and their pool is filled with lemonade and lulz!

  • hunter1519197hunter1519197 WellingtonPosts: 3Member

    This is concerning the new server, hosted by Suba Games;


    -Pay to win

    -Way too much grind

    -Boring, glitchy combat/interface

    -Poor class/profession balance

    -Unprofessional game staff (sit in town and show off item mall equipment that isn't available for purchase, stand around showing off, etc.)

    -Terrible economy

    -Too much drama

    -Generally uninspiring

    If you were considering playing this game, please take this into consideration. The game demands that you spend money on it, otherwise completing the most basic of tasks will either take way too long, or will simply not be possible. You will be very under powered compared to everybody else who has spent money. Oh, sure. You can sit there and grind on whatever monsters you can kill in a timely fashion to try and make the millions it will cost to get just 1 thing that you need from somebody who has already spent the money in the mall, but that would literally take months! You could try to find yourself a sugar momma/daddy, but usually that leads to relationship problems and unwanted drama, and you're likely to find yourself pinned with a bad reputation. This community is very small, and everyone knows everyone. If you make yourself seen, you can very quickly become a popular member of the community.

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