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chaos divided

i have seen alot of posts about the only being two factions order, and disorder do people like factions within factions so it would work as such you choose your race, class then choose a god khorne, nurgle in which changes your game play with nurgle you gain nurgle like skill which apply to current skills abilties get turned to diease if khorne you gain increase damage when up in a enemies face these have there on talent system as you raise you devotion to your god. but however to the point these four gods war with each which allows you as a guild to set enemies faction allow you to fight them or have allied guilds but this also allows for chaos to become chaos undivided when they march for war. it just a idea of how to faction can work. would it work?


  • warmaster670warmaster670 Simcoe, ONPosts: 1,384Member

    Why, in any circumstance, if chaos was making moves big enough for a game would they fight amongst themselves? I can only assume Abaddon would be leading, and whos gonna screw with teh chosen of chaos? He led a black crusade once he can do it again. chaos isnt stupid, its not going to fight itself when theres a greater enemy at the gates there.

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