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  • robinKarlrobinKarl Los Angeles, CAPosts: 8Member
    Jesus christ! you did a good job yo
  • lac1994lac1994 Cookeville, TNPosts: 25Member

    Thanks very much for this post, I found a couple of games. :D

  • fasjufasju columbia, SCPosts: 4Member

    Should of heard of it by now but League of Legends is awesome. Like defense of the Ancients (DOTA) from Warcraft 3 but better. Ranks ae being reset so its a good time to jooin.

  • McGamerMcGamer C.S.T., USAPosts: 1,024Member Uncommon

    If the OP is going to add 'A Tale in the Desert' to the list of deep crafting, then 'Istaria' deserves to be added as well. 

  • BarkopoloBarkopolo Fox Island, WAPosts: 46Member

    Originally posted by EndDream

    Originally posted by Matheodamon

    Hi guys,, just new here.. I jsut saw the current new and top mmo released which is Rift.. how good is this game? anyone already tried it? 

    I think its a lot of fun.. but its not for everyone

    Yup, its not for everyone. Especially if you are looking for a game with an actual storyline.


    Rift doesn't quite know what it wants to be when it grows up. It may get there someday, but I think it's probably going to be overshadowed by GW2 and SW:TOR when they release.

    "If I'm not enjoying the game from the beginning then why do I need to torture myself to get to "end cap" to see the "real" game? WTF? Why can't the WHOLE GAME BE THE REAL GAME" - TheExplorer
  • MrBoazMrBoaz Rogue River, ORPosts: 7Member
    Please add Global Agenda, especially for pvp sections. Also, I am now interested in know with some sort of territory control. I find it makes pvp more interesting. Can you also add a section of games with that feature? Thanks
  • daeandordaeandor Houston, TXPosts: 2,692Member Uncommon

    We really should look at updating this list since it hasn't been touched in 3 years....


    The sad part is, short of adding AION, Rift, and a couple other games that are still surviving, the list hasn't changed much.

  • kylekbbkylekbb nonya, GAPosts: 165Member

    On that runesccape not Runes Of Magic sounds like it is up your ally. It has a dual class system as well so when you max out one you can do the other.


    Uploaded with

  • OnigodOnigod Noord-HollandPosts: 756Member Uncommon

    runescape 100 days grind? there are people in that game that play it on a daily basis for 7 years long now and still have not maxed.

    and runescape being open pvp full loot? yes that is right but it is only on like 0,1 percent of the world after reading these things i stopped this list is invalid

  • hasancanhasancan yokPosts: 4Member

    You should put Ultima Online on very difficult tab. I fully understand Eve Online in a month. I'm playing Ultima Online for 9 years, there are still many things that i can't figure out.

  • LashleyLashley NorthumberlandPosts: 587Member Uncommon

    Any plans to make an updated version of this? :)

  • timeraidertimeraider BredaPosts: 627Member Uncommon

    lotro is itemshop/possibly sub now

  • AktillumAktillum COLUMBUS, OHPosts: 22Member

    Originally posted by MrBoaz

    Please add Global Agenda, especially for pvp sections. Also, I am now interested in know with some sort of territory control. I find it makes pvp more interesting. Can you also add a section of games with that feature? Thanks

    I like Global Agenda. They launched as a P2P right? Or was it buy the game and then F2P? Either way they are now F2P with an item mall :) I like that a lot of games are switching to Item Malls. Random trivia: Achaea pretty much started the whole item mall back in 1997 and are still making money from it today

  • KiljaedenasKiljaedenas New Westminster, BCPosts: 468Member

    Don't know if this has already been mentioned, there's too many bloody pages to look through, but I think Eve Online should be added to a couple of sections:

    1) Grind...6 years

    3) PvE, Grouping Instances...Yes, because of Incursions, Wormholes and nullsec/lowsec Complexes. Only the lowest level, bare-bones versions of those can be soloed.

    7) Personal Recommendations (if you're willing to accept additions to this): on point 1 for lots of PvE groupings, you can again list Eve due to the above mentioned stuff for point 3. True, there are lots of solo PvE options, but you can choose not to do them

    Where's the any key?

  • wvmaxfangvwwvmaxfangvw Grawn, MIPosts: 22Member

    Kudos for knowing that Anarchy Online is Still Alive™ 

    Atlantica Online

    Grind - Hard for me to say? 50 days maybe at hardcore grind mode?

    Solo = PvE - Player + up to 8 Mercenaries in a strategic turn based system akin to old school RPGs

    Group 3 Players + up to 24 Mercenaries!

    -Monsters also attack in groups of up to 9 per swarm and up to 3 swarms per battle.

    Soloable - Yes

    Instanced  Group Stuffs - Yes both with the normal battle system and TBS (Tactical Battle System) which is akin to playing Final Fantasy Tactics or other such RPG meets Chess type combat systems.

    PvP - Weekly Tournament, 3 Formats of Arena duels rotated through the day. World PvP: Only against War Targets. War Declarations against other guilds/nations. Guild leaders have ability to pass Kings Judgement on enemy players insta-killing them and sending some of their valuables directly to the guild's vault.

    Mid/End Game Raiding - Yes, Guild and Nation (alliance of guilds) dungeons reward points that guilds use to bid on ownership of cities.

    Crafting - Unique system; Retired companions in home aid in crafting (like SWTOR) player crafting progress is based on combat XP gains, Auto-Crafting (afk-crafting) also avail.

    Player Housing - Yes.


    Player Review: The most intersting aspect of this game is the strategic combat style that is particularly noticable in PVP. Dozens of Mercenaries at the players disposal, all of which are highly customizable combined with the unique combat mechancis akin to an early RPG. Fair warning that it is a "buy to win" type F2P however all mall items are transferable in game at a price that is deemed reasonable for somebody who is capable of farming end game content. Around level 100+ there is a serious gold crunch/grind fest to keep your skills and mercs fully upgraded due to exponential increase in rareity of skill books, number of materials need and shere number of mercs available to the average player. One nice thing is that the game applies a Might Score to your stats. Players in the same tier of PvP based on wins/loses have even odds, an item mall user with insane items will see their Might reduced to give only a slight advantage that can be overcome by being out played. Between the Combat systems and Crafting I would have to put Atlantica Online as one of the most unique MMOs out there.

  • SheepCrossSheepCross Columbus, OHPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Please update this.  If you look at the massive list of games under the "Game List" most are not mentioned.  I would love to find this useful but it is too out of date.

  • zpwRzpwR Ottawa, ONPosts: 8Member

    To the Full Loot / Open PvP section you should add Darkfall Online.

    It's a full loot open pvp game with no boundaries or instances, just a huge world with fights up to crazy numbers (100+ sometimes on each side)

    The game is developed in greece and they are working on a expansion to revamp the game completely.

    I've been playing for 2+ years and i've had alot of fun with it.

    It's a great game but the problem is the developing company, Adveturine, doesn't do much advertising so many people just haven't heard about it.


    Check it out:



  • MajesticoMajestico FalkirkPosts: 481Member Uncommon
    i am looking for a mmo that will run on a cell phone, it's a 3g phone, but not good specs. Not as good as an iphone, blackberry or android. So does anyone have any help? Even a mud or adventure game designed for cell or as we call them, mobile phones. Please help, need my mmo fix!
  • agardner791agardner791 St Michaels, MDPosts: 6Member


    "Posted by Majestico on 3/08/12 at 8:58:18 AM

    i am looking for a mmo that will run on a cell phone, it's a 3g phone, but not good specs. Not as good as an iphone, blackberry or android. So does anyone have any help? Even a mud or adventure game designed for cell or as we call them, mobile phones. Please help, need my mmo fix!"


    If you don't have an Iphone, Android, or Blackberry, I am assuming your phone is not a smartphone. If that is the case I don't know how you could think that an MMO would play on it. To that effect, I don't think there are any for your phone. I think there are one or two available for the iPhone or Android platforms. I would suggest you Google.

  • ChakaidoChakaido AucklandPosts: 3Member

    Two things---

    1. I see that summary was from 2007? Is it still relevant?

    2. I like adventure (finding stuff), and strategy games trying to figure out the riddle, and create a kingdom, build  a business (adventure-simulation-strategy). Is there such a genre?  lol

    Don't like alot of player2player fighting for the sake of fighting, and doesn't take forever (e.g. more than 2-3 days) to level up. Lots of quests, levels, and variety vs. killing one thing after another (not interesting). Working as a team/clan sounds fun though?

    Any recommendations for games that have that ability, and that are free ideally?

    I'm playing My Lands right now and it's frustrating how long its taking to build a building (5 hours). Yes, you can speed it up but have to spend money to do so. 


    Thanks all.

    First time post from a life-long gamer that played in the old time MUDs back in the day!  image

  • elchosenoneelchosenone Sparkill, NYPosts: 4Member

    I'd recommend Parallel  Mafia. It's an mmorpg for your smartphone that uses your phones GPS to locate you in the game. Also, the game has a refreshing twist on the mobster genre b/c it takes  place in the future where gangsters are cybernetically enhanced. And the best part is that the game is free.

  • BadnessoBadnesso San Antonio, TXPosts: 19Member
    Asherons Call = 1 year to max level
  • BadnessoBadnesso San Antonio, TXPosts: 19Member
    Conquest kingdom for Android chakaido
  • CandaceFreedCandaceFreed Cleveland, OHPosts: 1Member


  • RoxOnFireRoxOnFire ft myers, FLPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    60 days to lvl cap in Maple Story?  Hmm .. could be true I started 6/2008 and quit 5/2010 In between it took me a year to lvl 200 full outgrinding on my mage. Then again it was grinding not questing.They changed it to questing after I quit.



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