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If you had to choose one IP/World for the next super quality, extreme good/succesful fantasy MMO. Wh



  • Stuka1000Stuka1000 Posts: 950Member Uncommon

    I would choose a completely original IP owned by the devs so that they could make their own vision without the constraints of existing lore.

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Portland, ORPosts: 1,883Member Uncommon



    Hell yeah I want to play a Tinker Gnome or Kender : D

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  • MaquiameMaquiame Posts: 1,054Member Uncommon

    Palladium Fantasy




    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,255Member Uncommon

    Starship Troopers!!!!

  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Adamantine

    I dont think the IP matters THAT much. It matters more like how its done.
    For example, I love the Conan stories and I would be massively interested in a Conan game that would be for roleplayers. I'm however not at all interested in Age of Conan:
    - Only THREE(!!!) races (thats absurd beyond description, given the number of races in the story and even worse in the setting)
    - One can play Conans race, a massive lore failure .. the only Cimmerian in the Conan stories is Conan himself, so his race shouldnt be an option for the player
    - Still even with only 3 races, they had to insist on race limited classes
    - Small gameworld (and Conans world was actually as big as, for example, Middle Earth)
    - Shooterlike, shallow combat
    - Cheap effects like beheadings and nudity. While I dont really care if you have them or not, the way it was advertised was very annoying and repugnant.

    I agree with you on most. Only thing that didnt bother me was, it didnt matter to me if you could be a Cimmerian. I hated the world. it didnt feel like a world at all. Everthing was overly instanced. Conan lore could make one hell of a sandbox style mmo.

    You were spot on, The IP doesnt matter, its how well the game is done.

    Only thing IP is good for is selling more boxes on day 1.

    Waiting for:EQ-Next, ArcheAge (not so much anymore)
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  • MendelMendel Marietta, GAPosts: 1,516Member Uncommon

    I was thinking about this some more this morning.  What is an IP that is something completely different?  I thought of political/social commentary.  Then I thought of comic strips.

    What about the possibility of a Lil'Abner (for the older folk), or Pogo (for us older-but-not-quite-that-old folk) or Peanuts or Dunesbury or Bloom County based world?  The great tradition of satire present in the American newspaper comic strips seems to be a coming to an end with the near extinction of newpapers, and these properties might be willing to explore new venues for storytelling.  A good satire based on political and social issues could be great fun (and constantly changing), but is there a game in there?

    How many gamers wouldn't want to be on Steve Dallas' next excursion with Opus to Planet Playtex?

    Just thinking way outside the box, here.


    Logic, my dear, merely enables one to be wrong with great authority.

  • StonesDKStonesDK SomewherePosts: 1,805Member

    Star Trek not done by Cryptic or any of its ilk

  • RainBringerRainBringer AucklandPosts: 150Member

    Forgotten Realms.

    With a sandboxy-quest themed gameplay. Where a player could follow a storyline by completing quests based on the setting's factions, cities, gods, planes, etc while having the power to shape the game world with the help of sandbox tools by starting wars, building trade federations, worshiping / creating new deities and the like.


    Which ruleset it would be based on wouldnt be important, as long as the game is worth playing, IMO.

  • dave6660dave6660 New York, NYPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon

    I have to agree with everyone who says, be original.

    “There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.”
    -- Herman Melville

  • hupahupa Posts: 49Member Uncommon

    I would love to say Midkemia as I'm a big fan of Raymond E. Feist's books. But I tend to play mage characters always, and as they are pretty rare in Midkemia it would ruin the atmosphere if everyone was waving their hands throwing fireballs around.

  • goozmaniagoozmania chino, CAPosts: 181Member Uncommon

    Legend of Dragoon imo... A "sequel" to the underrated playstation game. It's also already owned by Sony, so SOE should have no problem with the IP.

    When I was bored in college, I used to think about how it could pan out, as far as lore/abilities/balance... perhaps the dragoon crystals were all shattered, and now the shards have sought new people (the players) to harness their powers. Fairly traditional classes are already represented by the color of the shard/dragoon... If anyone is familiar with the original game, gold = tank, black = assassin, white = cleric, blue = shaman, etc...

  • PerfectBlendPerfectBlend Philadelphia, PAPosts: 49Member

    Dont laugh at me.... but I think both a HARRY POTTER themed, and a STARCRAFT MMORPG would be reall fun/successful if done right....


  • BlackUhuruBlackUhuru Of Angels, CAPosts: 770Member

    Ultima Online 2...................................

    "It would be awesome if you could duel your companion. Then you could solo pvp".--Thanes

  • judgex83judgex83 orlando, FLPosts: 7Member

    I would have to say EQ. It was everquest that first dragged me into the MMO world back in 1999 and im one of those gamers that looks back at the good ole days and misses them. I went back to the game 3 years ago and shed a single tear for what they had done to the game I once called a second home. I hope EQnext is more like EQ and less like every other game released today.

  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,573Member Rare
    Warhammers(any of them) done right!

    Otherwise Star Trek done right!
  • Munchausen0Munchausen0 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 8Member

    Well I know my gal would love to see a White Wolf system (she likes V:tM and I like WW:tA).  As for me..

    Battletech/Mechwarrior universe.. or

    SHADOWRUN (Love SR).

  • JongGrahamJongGraham CatfordPosts: 1Member

    I would have to got for a MMO based on the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercombie.

    And if you haven't read the books, you should. 

  • EnterTheWombatEnterTheWombat Posts: 107Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Lobotomist

    Originally posted by Arakane

     I would actually vote for  "Amber"- the nine princes etc.

    Amber is amazing. but only if you are one of nine princes. There can not be 1 million princes :D

    And making shadow melding in gameplay , thats amazing, but impossible.

    Yeah it would be pretty difficult to make a game out of Amber but I always wondered why a movie or at least a Syfy mini series wasn't ever made based on the first 5 books.  They were so great but I guess not well known enough to get something made. 


    edit: to stay on topic, I'm hoping the next EQ game is made extremely well because that was the first MMO I ever played and would love to see a really well done true sequel in that game world.  

  • NaughtyPNaughtyP Edmonton, ABPosts: 793Member Uncommon

    Game of Thrones with RvR would be awesome! But... that's a lot of factions lol.

    Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.

  • MadimorgaMadimorga Atlanta, GAPosts: 1,920Member Uncommon

    I went with Discworld because I love Terry Pratchett, but Dragonlance could work too, although a zillion avatars with variatins on the name Raistlin would get old very fast.


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  • AdamTMAdamTM Frankfurt Am MainPosts: 1,376Member

    Culture or die.

  • s1fu71s1fu71 fair oaks, CAPosts: 220Member

    For me it's a toss up between EQNext or D&D's Ravenloft.

    It's not about fighting, it's about balance. It's not about enlightenment, it's about balance. It's not about balance.

  • WarmakerWarmaker San Diego, CAPosts: 2,234Member Uncommon

    Any IP can work, as long as its canon is respected and not anally r@ped like many others before it (why, Star Wars and Star Trek, nice of you guys to limp in).  It's a pity when you see defining characteristics of an IP ripped away for the sake of casual access.

    "I have only two out of my company and 20 out of some other company. We need support, but it is almost suicide to try to get it here as we are swept by machine gun fire and a constant barrage is on us. I have no one on my left and only a few on my right. I will hold." (First Lieutenant Clifton B. Cates, US Marine Corps, Soissons, 19 July 1918)

  • FreeBooteRFreeBooteR Surrey, BCPosts: 333Member

    I'd love a Discworld MMO. I've played the Discworld MUD which is a lot of fun, even though it's just a text MUD.

    Archlinux ftw

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