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YAWN! my review



  • S3R1ALR1D3RS3R1ALR1D3R londonPosts: 3Member

    da game is fun when u gae higher but it is beter  if u r in clan

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    Joining a guild is a must (choosing a top guild is a very wise decision), because YOU WILL NEED HELP - for some group guests, bosses, and even when training in known pk zones (Miracle, Sky, etc) it's good to have someone to watch your back.

  • devouxdevoux ArmidalePosts: 86Member

    Im lvl 39 summoner currently, im loving this game. The best thing abut this game so far for me is the pace at which you play. Quests are so abundant i dont have to sit around clicking monsters all day until i lvl. Obviously i dont know what its like at the high lvls, but its kept me interested for about 7 hours  so far which is much more than i can say for alot of games ive tried lately (i am a casual gamer). Huzzah for Zu lets just hope they dont screw up!! XD


    peace, devoux.

  • Jonte87Jonte87 StockholmPosts: 1Member

    Well i've been playing Zu for a while now and starting to become addicted to it haha.

    im 100+ but im not playing just to make lvls and be the best.. I love the quiz and adventure events on this game, it makes it more fun when you can get 15 minutes to think about something els instead of making quests and grinding.. and you get experience for it!

    There is so much in this game you got to try if you like playing mmorpg games..

  • deceasedecease windsor, ONPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    serious it take not much longer then 5 minute to get to level 10...and you told me you felt boring already??? lol  great..

  • colinfreecolinfree fujianPosts: 3Member

    you had protected before you are lower 30 level.and have a Area Occupation activity to pk . some information fellow :

    a. Capture the Lead Pillar which is the symbol of an area occupation after the event commences.

    b. Use the Lead Pillars that have not been captured by others and consume some guild capital.

    c. Protect the Lead Pillar and after you hold the possession of the Lead Pillar for 30 minutes, you will have occupied the area successfully. At the same time, the players of your same faction in certain effective area will obtain guild contribution points. If you fail, the time will count again.

    d. After the event commences, the guild that has occupied some areas will begin benefiting from the areas occupied and the guild capital will also be increased. The players in the same faction will obtain Exp even sit in the occupied areas.


  • abistarabistar Toronto, ONPosts: 92Member

    All I have to say is waste of HDD space. Thank you for your attention, Good bye.

  • TruecidationTruecidation TokyoPosts: 16Member

    After all this while (posts indicate this game's been out since last year), you'd think someone would at least have put up a review listing the game's features, instead of yet another tired opinion thread.

    I've played many MMOs. When I stumble across something new, all I want to know AT FIRST is: what kind of game is it? I don't want to know you and your dog liked it. I want to know... does it start as a grind? How are the quests, do they really help/give good returns/actually give useful info/enough of them? What are the classes/races like, any level caps, progression milestones (e.g. levels where jobs branch out), how diverse are the builds? How many servers, population, how bad the community is (I've played far too many games to ask "how good the community is"). Does it cater for pvp, is it using the same lame ol' korean global pk model, does it have pvp zones or arenas or scheduled events, what about factions, are there quests related to this? Is the company/developer/publisher actively working on the game, do they listen to feedback, how good are they at handling complaints, do they take care of hackers and gold spammers?

    You know? FACTUAL game features. You want to babble about how you loved/hated the game, put that in another paragraph. I want to know about the goddamned game. Btw after reading a couple more threads I've concluded the game was not what I was looking for anyway, even before it all went downhill.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

  • AtomyAtomy HarlingenPosts: 76Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dragulea

    [quote]Originally posted by khartman2005

    First off, none of us said we were expert reviewers. Secondly, if the game isn't fun at lower levels then why would anyone in their right mind continue on with something that might get interesting in another 20 to 30 levels.[/b][/quote]

    You are not qualified to make a review after just 15 minutes of playing the game - which is how much would take (at most) to get to lvl 10. Like I said, you can reach lvl 30 in 3 - 4 hours. Zu requires more time to spend learning the game than your usual MMO, there are some features that might be confusing at first. That's why the game is so easy & high paced at first. However, the higher the lvl, the more challenging it gets. I don't have to convince you of anything, by all means go and play whatever you like, but don't come in here and say the game sucks, when it's obvious you have no clue whatsoever regarding the game and its mechanics. And on top of that, the game is stil in OB, and a lot of things are changed from one patch to the next.


    You mean, it takes more time to get addicted to a game with bad performance? I played the game for 16 hours or so, and the combat is indeed as bad as Deicide Online.

    I could kite with my summon, on my summoner. Having insane buffs, insane dmg and defense for a casting class.

    16 hours and lvl 56, if thats the idea of getting addicted its not my style. If a game can't keep my attention its Game over. I mean, what are games for? Entertaining, or what? tell me? Not to bite the dust first.



  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    Discovering the game content and mechanics have nothing to do with the addiction level. You can review a game even if you didn't like it, but you can't review a game if you have no idea what you're talking about or what the game can really offer. And saying "this game sucks" doesn't qualify as a review.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member
    Originally posted by Neosai

    This game have 300 lvls, people who does not even hit 50 have no right to make a review of the game (even though u r entitled to your opinions)  It only takes a few hours to get to 50, and its mostly questing and not hack and slash mobs. Even at my current lv I cannot say I know absolutely everything about this game.
    If you say its boring at lv 3, you have basically just got out of first town (takes about 5 minutes if you read the quest dialogue, and longer if you didn't bother reading any)  because the first quest gets you lv 2 automatically and any following quest will lvl you to lv 3. (If you even bothered doing it at all, you should know it takes about few minuts to complete). So, you have spent about 5-15 minutes in the game, pretty sure u cannot write an review about it.  HOWEVER, you ARE allowed to say its boring since its YOUR opinion at lv 3.
    If you say its boring at lv 10, you are still in the beggining part of noob training area.  If you stopped at this point all you are allowed to write a review on is the graphics and less than 1/10th of the game mechanics. Remember you are protected by the game till lv 30 from PK and are still protected before you even reach the ACTUAL dangerous maps.
    If you stop before lv 30 you cannot do round quests, which give you faction contribution for further skills/upgrades. You also would not know about Talents, since you don't even know enough spells/skills to make any sort of reference. You will be so safe from other faction's PK that you will feel like the game is just hack and slash, but what mmo isn't hack and slash? (at least this game limit it to minimum so u can have quests, guild, events, and other ways to level up your character)
    If you stop before lv 40 you would not have a mounted pet, or any extensive knowledge of how the pet system works unless someone tell you.
    I could go on and on about every big lv and how much it changes the game, but it would not matter to anyone who only spent less time playing than the time it took to install the game.
    Currently I am lv 130+ (no i wasn't even in alpha testing), even though I won't say this is a great game, but I do not believe any game deserve  judgements from 10 minute players.
    Even I still do not consider myself being able to write an accurate review of this game since its still in OB, which is something to think about when someone decides to write a "review".
    HOWEVER, you are still very much entitled to your opinions as I have said many times.  Just don't call it a review since it is about as accurate as a sniper rifle with a sausage as scope.


    No offense to you, but dont come on here and tell others  here who has the right to review a game.

    if someone logged on and couldnt make it past character creation withought wanting to delete it, this is a good place to come let people know.

    im sorry your a fanboi so you wont understand but its people who you say dont have the right to review a game who keep people like me from wanting to play a game that i will end up deleting in a week.  Thanks for the reviews guys.

    p.s. if your going to act like you own this forum at least get your post count up past 1, you know actually participate in this forum.


    oh and to the other fanbois here....THIS GAME SUCKS...i didnt even have to download and play it to know this...its why those critical reviews are so handy

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    [quote]Originally posted by crunchyblack oh and to the other fanbois here....THIS GAME SUCKS...i didnt even have to download and play it to know this...[/b][/quote]

    Indeed, constructive and meaningful, lol! So your comment is much better than the ones saying you're qualified to review a game unless you actually play it because...? That's right, shut up!

  • kalrhaelkalrhael Boston, MAPosts: 87Member

    Just uninstalled.

    I find that this game is VERY pretty to look at aswell, the character design is brilliant, the animation is great, and yea the music is spectacular. Character creation is really fun and atmospheric.

    But the game COMPLETELY falls on it's face when it comes to gameplay, I don't mind a game taking similar concepts from WOW, but when I saw the hearthstone on the bottom.... and then the talent tree... the Item bag, I honestly vomited a little in my mouth.

    And then as a summoner when I began casting fireballs and I seen a little familiar bar fill up across the screen... and then a mob creature hit me and I saw "spell interrupted".

    I immediately uninstalled after that, I'm looking to ESCAPE World of Warcraft, not jump back into it.

    Kudos to the art design team behind this game, they did really did great work, but when it comes to gameplay this game falls flat on it's face.

  • blackghost7blackghost7 Edinboro, PAPosts: 1Member

    I totally agree with you...

    I tried to like this game, I really did.

    Overall, the look of the game isn't too bad. Though the characters seem a little too colorful at times...when comparing them to their backgrounds anyway. The fighting animations are horrible though. They are choppy and overall, aren't that amazing when you consider how amazing skill/spell effects usually are in MMOs.

    The music is nice....when it is actually there anyway. Trust me, I know how annoying looping tracks for zones can get but it is better than no sound at all. There were seriously times where there was no background sound effects AND no music. Come!

    The game play seriously made me want to cry. It was basically a double click and let your character have at it auto style. To switch it up, I used a skill. Guess looked the same as the regular attack minus the few effects that they threw in. Even character was still in auto attack mode. Most games are like that with auto attacking, but most games also have cool affects and plenty of skills and heals for you to throw in and switch it up. I don't even remember having to heal once.  And talk about lag of aggro...the game practically has none.

    Overall...the game bored the heck out of me. I got my chick to lvl 16 in about 1 1/2 hrs and then uninstalled the game.

  • ramire7zramire7z PeinePosts: 3Member

    lol you write so much but you are just lvl 16?

    i´m not sure if you know about the fact that the level cap will be 300 (its 240 atm) and lvl 16 can be made in 30 minutes... some ppl say its possible to reach lvl 50 in 2 hours. thats fast but better than grinding the whole day without level up.

    besides the lvl in zu is not important. important is the pet and your gear. you can beat another player thats 50 level higher than you if you have a senior pet and suit or epic armor and he not.

    and how do you wanna know that the skills are lame if you didnt see them? i guess you saw ~5 skills at lvl 16 but there are a few more lol

  • ThriceShyThriceShy Painesville, OHPosts: 44Member

    Zu Online, is very different from modern mmorpgs. It's safe to say, it's one of the best free-to-play mmorpgs on the market. Later in time the game may match up too Pay-To-Play expectations, who knows?

    No mmorpg is perfect, there is always flaws, bugs, defects in the game, that players experience. Yes there is some translation errors, just minor things here and there, but for a chinese mmorpg, they did a good job, this game has amazing potential, it's just how the developers play it out, i've seen some of the most amazing games, go down because the developers played it wrong, or they did something to make the players upset, and lose taste, so far, the updates in Zu Online, have been nice..

    I don't think the OP played the game enough..

    Tempus Vincit Omnia

  • TrucidationTrucidation Stage 5.0 (26 Dimensional Jump)Posts: 86Member
    Originally posted by crunchyblack

    if someone logged on and couldnt make it past character creation withought wanting to delete it, this is a good place to come let people know.
    im sorry your a fanboi so you wont understand but its people who you say dont have the right to review a game who keep people like me from wanting to play a game that i will end up deleting in a week.  Thanks for the reviews guys.
    p.s. if your going to act like you own this forum at least get your post count up past 1, you know actually participate in this forum.
    oh and to the other fanbois here....THIS GAME SUCKS...i didnt even have to download and play it to know this...its why those critical reviews are so handy


    He's talking about REVIEWS, not OPINIONS. Did you read my post up there (I just realised this thread is months old now)?

    Some noob who couldn't get past the character creation is entitled to rant, but if he calls it a review we'll laugh him out of here.

    Did you actually just drag post count into this? You moron. This isn't the only fucking forum on the planet. He could be one of the vet posters on the official forums for all we know.

    If you're gonna be swayed by people posting one-line content-free "omfg this sux0rz!!!!" type of reviews then more power to you, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. I'm tired of noobs flooding games and if all it takes is a lame "review" like that to flush your kind out then all the better.

    I'm mostly with dragulea with this. On the other hand, I don't believe "levels achieved" is a good indicator of how well you know the game either (I've seen games where morons can get afk powerleveled to 60 in like a single day - do you think they've learned anything about the game?). Personally, I usually spend about a week or two on a game, trying several characters, lurking on the forums, and reading guides, before I feel even remotely prepared to write something approximating a review. Why? Because any monkey can type "omfg this sux!", whereas I prefer to read reviews which actually talk about the fucking game content. Which this thread is almost devoid of, if you've been paying attention.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

  • IsidiusIsidius Posts: 46Member Uncommon

    ZU Rocks...been playing for a week and loving the game so far. Keeps getting better with more you lvl 3's and 10's keep trying harder to put the game down. Maybe if you didn't say your low lvls people would actually believe that the game sucks...which it doesn't of course =)

  • raedeemerraedeemer PszczynaPosts: 3Member

    The game at the beginning is pretty impressive, also pretty interesting. But after you play a while it's getting incredibyly boring. Buying gold makes you god like strong compared to people who does not want to spent money on not even fully released game. Furthermore after reaching lvl ~210-220 you can forget about any sensible questing, the only thing you can do is exp with events, which totally sucks.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

     See this is total BS.    Dont come to a user review site and tell people that they have no right to give reviews (unless they are positive) or comment on the game before level X.  People can give reviews here about games no matter how little they have played it.  If you dont like it, go viral advertise elsewhere.


    I didnt play this game at all.  I just clicked here out of curiosity.  Im glad people gave new player reviews, since thats what most new players will experience.  This game sounds like every other poorly translated aisan f2p.  I believe the people who were bored playing the first 5,10,15 levels.  If a game cant inspire you to stay past the training levels, it isnt worth playing, i dont care which game it is.  Without an epic feel, a certain chemestry between you and the game world,quests, and lore it just feels like any old f2p game, which it probably is.  This is what usually seperates the p2p from the free games, aside from the quality and over abundance of content.




    lol....upon further inspection of the screen shots, i have played this before,l think i just made a few characters and tried out the combat and feel of it. it was that good i guess. 

  • r0ksta82r0ksta82 BintuluPosts: 3Member

    Well. i've been playin this game almost 2 year's now. and quit several times(bcuz of work and married). this game is not bad at all. maybe i should say, it's awesome from beginning (maybe can get bored smtimes) and the best thing in zu is, when u reach lvl 240-250. there's the real things await u. it's all about PVP and killing.

    i'm summoner lvl 256.and i never spend Real Money on this game. for newbie who wanna try it. goodluck for lvling and for those doesn't like it. u can uninstall it. =)


    sorry for my bad english.  image

  • Nicalare1560Nicalare1560 NY, NYPosts: 6Member

    Originally posted by dragulea

    First of all, a confession: I'm tired of reading the expert reviews of lvl 10 players; if you intend to bash the game, at least spend some time actually playing and testing the game. Being lvl 10 in Zu is nothing: the level cap is 300 and you can get to 25 - 30 in a couple of hours without pushing yourself too hard - jut so you'd understand how much time that dude spent in game... 
    Now: IMO Zu has the potential to become one of the most successfu free MMOs on the market but it all depends on what decisions the company will take when going from OB to full release. The situation is like this:
    - the graphics are both original and very carefully designed; the maps don't look the same, each having its own type of mobs; characters and mobs look really cool, with a lot of details. They're 3d looking too (from the official photos you get theimpressionthey're 2d, but fortunately it's not the case) - it's just the way Zu is put together (in a cartoonish manner) that makes you see it differently at first.
    - the game has a lot of little things that make playing the game a real pleasure and make you relax more than in other MMOs: you have an auto trace for both quests and NPCs (so solving quests or finding a certain NPC is no problem at all), you have teleporting portals and also a flight system (which you'll be using a lot), you also have pets, that are really worth the trouble of leveling up, because they get both stats and skills to buff your character; you get a lot of good drops (many with enhaced attributes that would save you tones of in game money); you also have something worth fighting for when joining a guild: the guild poles which allow the owning guild to afk level its members; last, but not least: various ways to help you level faster - in game events, blessings, double xp items, etc.
    - advancement: untill reaching lvl 30, you're safe from pkers. You should take your time and learn the game mechanics and get a general idea, because I'll be honest, the game can get a little confusing at first: there are no stat points (so no super builds or anything like it) - that means your toon's eficiency will depend entirely on the gear you're using and the level (because skills and talents are level based; pets depend on your lvl too - they can't be higher lvl than you, and some of their features are lvl based - you can ride a mount at lvl 40, equip it with items that increase its attributes at 60 and 90, and so on). Xp (at least at lower levels) is achieved entirely from quests (no grinding). You also need to get cooperation points, which can be exchanged for skill books (there are several ways to get them). Like I said, leveling (due to the huge xp from quests) is not a problem (ppl can easily get to 60 or more in the first week of playing). At first the game is super easy, no aggro mobs, easy quests, very good drop rate. As you level and you begin to understand and master the game, it becomes more and more difficult. After reaching lvl 30 you are able to pk/get pked - and tyhat's when you'll discover the 1st "horror" of Zu - it's an all areas pvp game with no safe zones (it's quite shocking, because at first the game has such an enjoyable and peaceful atmosphere, and al of  a sudden, it gets quite brutal) - not even in low maps or starting towns (once you leave the teleporting areas, you're game). Raids are (sadly) a part of the game (some quests even require that you go in other factions' wolds), they're frequent and like I said, pvp is level based, and since there are no "super builds" to compensate the level difference, the higher lvl player always wins. Thus, the 2nd "horror" of Zu: right now, the max allowed level difference is 90 levels! That means someone 90 lvls higher than you can attack you! And after several deaths, you discover the 3rd "horror" of Zu - when you die, there's a chance you'll lose some of the items that you equip (pieces of armor, weapon, etc) - and most annoying, it's random (which means you could lose the most valuable of all). So you're close to discovering the 4th "horror" of Zu: crafting & upgrading costs in Zu are very (VERY) expensive!!! That's why it's not advisable to upgrade gear of lower lvl, you'll end up spending all the money you have for just 2 full upgrades - and money (bones, or silver) are very difficult to obtain in this game (it's the first time I'm having serious cash flow issues and I'm running with just 5 - 10k most of the time). Not to mention everything in this game is quite expensive: pets, gear, pots, you name it; even teleports could drain your account dry (just take several quests in Death World or Miracle Town and you'll waste a lot of money on teleports). So what to do? Well, you have to keep your eyes open for good gear from drops, always keep back up gear in bank, do all the quests - especially the ones that give good gear as reward), spend wisely you talent points and your contribution points to upgrade the skills, etc. It's good to have friends to play with, because you'll get a lot of boss slaying quests that require a party, and it's also good to have someone to watch your back all the time, because there's a a very high chance to run into a pker the minute you step in a training map (especially in Miracle Town and Sky Lake). More to come...
    I started playing, and the game was HORRIBLE. Even though, when you get past about level 20(takes about 15 minutes of gametime), the game is AMAZING. Mostly because the mobs attack you and MUCH more.


  • nichocage-yjnichocage-yj city of angel, MNPosts: 19Member

    sadly, this game is dead

    Occupy SW. Occupy Goldshire. Go!

  • kamikazesankamikazesan RikalandPosts: 8Member

    the game is all fine. some dumb people shouldnt post here. If you can't makea  review whit the REAL game's characteristics then its not for you to argue whit someone who can, i loved the posts and also the replies tho i supose Zu is all fine for a f2p. 9.2/10 for Zu Online  in my opinion, and about the community, they only bully you, if you act as a d1ck.

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