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Playing in a US server

tapeworm00tapeworm00 Mexico CityPosts: 549Member

Hey guys, I read on the pre-order FAQ that you actually get to choose the region server you want to play in, unlike most games that saddle you on to whatever region you live in. I live in Europe, but all my friends will be playing the game from America, so I just wanted to make sure I will be able to choose a server from the US without a problem if I buy a game disc in the UK. Those of you who have already gotten inside the game, did it give you the option to play in any server available, including European ones? I thought I'd ask before spending the money uselessly, because I never trust FAQs entirely, hehehe.


Thanks beforehand!



  • dubyahitedubyahite Lincoln, NEPosts: 2,483Member Common

    You certainly can. No region locking on the servers. 

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  • VegettoVegetto WorcesterPosts: 841Member

    I remember having a guy i knew in EQ2 post me a copy of WoW from Canada when it was first released, before it hit shelves in Europe. Unlike SWTOR (which appears you can choose), this tied me to US servers.

    All i'll say is, if you are in UK, you are at the mercy of US timezones if you play on them and it ruined the game for me. Raiding at 2am, i literally couldn't find a person playing until 10pm at night lol.

    But back to question, i think you can choose, as i can't see how they can block it due to digital downloads.


  • tapeworm00tapeworm00 Mexico CityPosts: 549Member

    Great, thanks guys!

    Yeah, I know I'm getting into a problem with the timezones, but if the servers aren't region locked, then I can always have a character in a US server with my friends and another one in a European server whenever I want to play with other people. :)

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