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Star Wars: Early Access Beta

ForTheCityForTheCity Los Angeles, CAPosts: 307Member

the new star wars: the old republic early access beta is out today. anyone looking forward to this game? i didn't know the game is set 1000s of years before the movies.

anyone excited for this game? is everyone gonna be a jedi haha. actually i'm not even good at close combat so i'll have to see whos more of a mid range type fighter. 


  • korent1991korent1991 CakovecPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    it's not Beta... It's release! All those who preordered early enough they have the chance of playing the game up to 5 days before the game hits the stores... Not excited about it, beta weekends ruined it for me.

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  • Joshua69Joshua69 Greenfield, WIPosts: 953Member Uncommon

    LOL he is new to mmorpg.

  • NethermancerNethermancer Toronto, ONPosts: 520Member

    awww isnt he cuuuuute

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  • korent1991korent1991 CakovecPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    hehehe :D shouldn't we enourage this guy to keep posting ? 

    Anyhow,  you can discuss the game on this forum on more than 10 topics atm, since it's early acess and all that it might be even more. 

    But this game is on hotspot for over 3 weeks now on this forum. Be sure to check it out if you're curious about the game :)

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  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    Moved to SWTOR forum, but locking since there are already open threads on the topic.

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