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Vindictus Review

shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHPosts: 41Member

Hello everyone! This is my 2nd video I've made for vindictus, and is a review of the early level gameplay involved. Now before you go flaming the review, I want you to keep 2 things in mind:

1. I have not reached endgame content! Any arguments stating that endgame content is what makes the game are invalid, because I did not review that portion of the game. This review is based on accessibility to new players, and the core gameplay/aesthetics that make up the whole of the game, not one specific portion of the whole.

2. I would appreciate comments regarding the review being posted in a helpful/critiquing manner. Posts or comments like "omg you can't even play y u revew" don't do anything. Whereas posts like "You missed this key aspect of the game (blah blah blah) and there is information regarding this topic located at *link*" are incredibly valuable.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to enjoy or comment the video!



  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    I will admit I only watched the first min but a couple things I would say in that time. First is the video time. 25 min is just way to long for a review. Edit the video's to show key parts. Such as show the mission selection briefly and mention the "waiting area" on the boat but no real need to show it. I'm guessing you recorded the whole instance and showed every item being broke and trash mob being killed. Again would be no need for that. Cut it down into a small section of breaking stuff and trash mobs and then move on to the boss fight. Either that or take a page out of the cynical brits book and fast forward through the boring stuff.


    There is no Alchemist character. Right now there is Lann which is the dual wielding sword character. Fiona which is the sword and shield class. Evie which is the mage type class. And finally Karok which swings a giant pillar. All of these have 2ndary weapons later in the game but if you are doing a beginner level review I guess thats not important. However not even getting the character names right to begin with is pretty bad. Like the game or not if you do a review you should respect the developers enough to at least get the classes or class names right.

    Also if you are going to mention stuff in the review that you really dont know what its for then say that. Thoes stones you "get later" to use on the boat? They are a cash shop item. If you didnt know that then thats fine. But either dont mention it or just say "I'm not sure what the stones are its asking for" and move on.

    Now granted I played Vindictus for a while and knew this info. But my points still stand. I am not saying you didnt give the false info on purpose on the stones or got the class name wrong just to spit on the game. What I am assuming is if you are posting video's here you want your reviews to be taken seriously and thus you need to take them seriously.


     I would reccomend watching alot of reviews of games you know well. You will quickly see how and which reviewers gave good info, which gave false info, and which delivered the info in the best fasion. Then decide how you want to do reviews based on that. Most people watching a review, especcially ones of low level gameplay wont sit through 25min of a video. I would guess most wont sit through anything more than 5min even for a full game review. As for getting information correctly/accuratly you might not think it matters but it really does. After a while people will notice things like that when they go to play the game and will stop watching the reviews you do because they cant trust the information. I think its great you want to do reviews. God knows I dont have the patience to do them. You just need to cut alot of the "fat" out and get basic information right. After that all reviews are is opinion and you can say what you want.

  • shadeypwnsshadeypwns Mansfield, OHPosts: 41Member

    I'll admit I only read the first few sentences of your reply.

    You honestly think 25 minutes is too long to spend talking about a game that has hundreds of hours, if not thousands of hours of gametime that can be devoted to it?

    It would be easy to do a 5 minute review of a 20 hour singeplayer game, its next to impossible to do a full review of an mmo, which is why I only spend 25 minutes talking about my personal experience with the game, instead of attempting to pin down every element of it. I just show an example of a typical town/dungeon/leveling and talk in the background. Seems to work so far.

  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,940Member Uncommon

    I watched the whole thing, nice review.

    I'm glad I did too because the end was the beginning in a way. You mentioned the lack of rendering and brown robe appearance of other players through the vidcap, then at the end you pointed out how they make thier money. Your Avatar appearance is your base sub and it occured to me that you might be seeing people who weren't paying a monthly to keep thier avatar appearance. Either way it would be IMO a great option to not render other peoples gear as that is usually where server side lagg begins and ends.

    Would it be close to sum this up as Combat Barbie and Ken? I don't even say that in a bad way. Combat Barbie and Ken are great for making vidcap storylines. What I haven't figured out yet is are the graphics of a high enough quality to pull that off.

    Again, good review.


    Tried it myself: Logged out and it shut my computer off. Kinda freaked me out to say the least.

    Wall to wall gold farmers spamming area.

    There are now options for permanent appearance purchasing. I figured out the wait time when taking a mission. You need to make a group assuming there are none and it has a time down in case someone actually joins.

    Game is very simple, sold as hack and slash. It could be a great second game. The store has nothing I wanted and I went in looking for excuses to give them $20 I just couldn't find any.

  • NJ_fury_SNJ_fury_S regina, SKPosts: 18Member


    life is experience
    once you level up
    come talk to me

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