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Another first impression + a question

lalartulalartu SeoulPosts: 445Member Uncommon

So I just tried this on the Ph server and it totally blew me away. My expectations for an asian MMO with a name like Dragona were pretty low. I just play Aika for a few days and it drove me insane, so I did n't want the same experience.


The first few seconds in the game made me go "WOW".


-first GFX-> the graphics are top notch! it reminds me of Tera, albeit not as good and even has a depth of field effect. definitely high value graphics there

-Sound is pretty good too, but not amazing

-Where it really shines though is combat mechanics. the combat is fluid and satisfying and is kind of fun. it's still button mashing of course, but way better than most other f2p games.

-plenty of skills and 8 different classes to choose from, skills have to be manually increased, so there's a possibility for thousands of variations (e.g. fire mage with a little bit of lightning as opposed to a pure dark energy mage with healing skills)


What I didn't like:

-almost no character customization

-gender locked characters

-auto path finding and auto potion use -> sort of makes the game easier and in a sense, defeats the purpose of having good skills

-crashed a few times, although it could have been because I'm playing in a window mode with million other things active

-stupid in-game announcements on the main screen (usually related to PVP or someone making a legendary item), which can be distacting



Overall though, this is a great f2p title! 


Now for my question:

Those of you that play this already, what kind of endgame is there? I heard there are 40 levels and some PVP arenas, but is there something else?



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  • harry_watharry_wat CopenhagenPosts: 33Member

    hmm..why don't you try the Global server? they're at CBT period this 8th of December. refer to their site


    Been playing the ph and taiwan client also, i've seen some news about the korean client having their level cap increased to level 50. and new skills are added to each classes too. image


  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,943Member Uncommon

    My first impression?

    Waiting for the page to load. Great big muther f***in bouncy bewbies and I can't get to them!! AAAARGH!!!

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