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Star Wars: The Old Republic: SWTOR: Rules of Enragement



  • dpcollier128dpcollier128 Englewood, COPosts: 38Member

    Lol! Agreed, sir. Skyrim it is! :D

  • dwarfusdwarfus Arlington, VAPosts: 93Member Uncommon

    Absolutely fantastic article. Best I've read on the site.

    Counting the days.....or at least the days until the email :) 

  • PaskePaske ZagrebPosts: 135Member Uncommon

    "You know what?

    Launch days suck. The first few months of a new game sucks. Other people suck...

    ... you go and play Skyrim. I'll tell you when it is safe to log in."


    Brilliant good Sir, brilliant !

  • NordenNorden somewhere inPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Mr.Coyote

    Originally posted by Reion1

    167 Million Subs? or 167 million pre orders?





  • HatefullHatefull Posts: 1,196Member Uncommon

    I like your style dude.  Great write up.

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

  • uller30uller30 MILWAUKEE, WIPosts: 123Member Uncommon
    @ kalinis wer all fing trolls from lil trolls to huge tard spasma trolls
    Also wow is just a bemch mark please pleople look around Amd v I7's quad core fights.
    Chrystlers looking damn close to Bentleys. Puff grow up u trolls
  • Mr.CoyoteMr.Coyote Arkham Asylum, NYPosts: 28Member

    Originally posted by uller30

    @ kalinis wer all fing trolls from lil trolls to huge tard spasma trolls

    Also wow is just a bemch mark please pleople look around Amd v I7's quad core fights.

    Chrystlers looking damn close to Bentleys. Puff grow up u trolls


  • MoiraeMoirae New Orleans, LAPosts: 3,145Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by uller30

    @ kalinis wer all fing trolls from lil trolls to huge tard spasma trolls

    Also wow is just a bemch mark please pleople look around Amd v I7's quad core fights.

    Chrystlers looking damn close to Bentleys. Puff grow up u trolls

    ......... wth did you just say? 

    No, I'm really curious. It's like a bunch of words thrown together that mean nothing. I'm only 35 and have been playing mmo's since 1999, but I don't understand a word of that. 

  • gilgamesh9gilgamesh9 austin, TXPosts: 133Member

    Remember that killstealing and loot ninja-ing are allowed by the game code.  Rare boss pops that you need?  Get that first hit in whilel those suckers who have been waiting kill it for you.  You see someone fighting mobs next to a chest, quest item or resource node? -- go ahead and nab it, you're not in-combat after all!  

    Remember kids, this is a single player game -- everyone else is out to screw up YOUR good time.

  • i thought i was the only one who didn't like luke skywalker, you were on point there luke skywalker sux

    also, yes be good to those who are not die hard morg gamers, help people out, be courteous, be patient, lets actually have a game with good social aspects.  That's actually what will make it a great game


  • AirwrenAirwren Normal, ILPosts: 648Member Uncommon

    I laughed through this whole thing!  I hope by some chance I end up on the server you end up on man, would be good times.

  • DevianeDeviane MTYPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    at least luke is not lando....if  you  know  what i mean:P...yeah   a deceitful empire lover basterd

    oh wait il go empire :P

  • OridiOridi Portland, ORPosts: 26Member Uncommon

    Oh dear oh my my goodness.  Mr. Coyote we need to have a chat.

    First of all, stop picking on poor Luke.  He had to lose all the prepubescent girl fans to Hans, something munched his face between episodes and the fact that he didn't make a face and try to wipe his tongue when he found out that Leia was his sister does not bode well for his character. He's got enough on his plate without you pointing out his inadequacies.

    Secondly, every MMORPG I've ever played at launch (and after actually) has had the WoW KompareKids.  AoC, Warhammer, Aion (shudder... I'm so ashamed), LOTRO, Rift - all of them seemed to have a third of texts ingame and posts out of game dedicated to the debate of IzDisBettah? It's Bettah! Bettah?.  While I'm sure that folks there in corporate gameland are interested in which game has the most players I'm actually an old fashioned gal and I like playing without lag, without gankers/hater/ninja loot stealing MF"S GET AWAY FROM MAI NODE!  So when the WoWophiles start spouting the stats I'm unimpressed - all their stats mean to me is server lag and fewer resources/fun bad guy killls.

    Lastly, I'd like to thank you for not pointing out the carebear nature of the Star Wars community as a whole.  That's right, I said it.  My first game was SWG and I have never met a kinder, more helpful, more ....well.. compassionate group of players.  OK yes, it degenerated into a bunch of players rolling ents and dancing close in the cantinas while moaning about the actual lack of mailboxes to dance on but the first few years were stellar and guess what.  From what I hear, a large amount of thise early day  SWG folks are ping ponging between hating SWTOR for finalling sticking a fork in SWG and calling it done... and gloating over being able to be  Jedi from day one.  I have a feeling SWTOR will have a much higher carebear to ganker ratio than most launches and hey... just cause we're soft and squishy doesn't mean - in your spiffy imagery - we won't go looking for midichlorians with a plastic spoon.  

    I'm glad we could have this talk. 


    In related news, thank you for the delightful article. 





  • umcorianumcorian Boston, MAPosts: 519Member Uncommon

    Good read, Coyote.

    I didn't realize there were 167 MILLION preorders. There's no way Bioware's going to pull out a smooth launch with that. I think my tolerance for bull**** just went up. 

    I mean, even at the usual post-WoW decay rate for MMOs like AoC, Aion, Rift and War, we'll still be looking at 2x WoW's current numbers after a year. And that's only assuming this game "fails all over its face" like the others. If the game actually GROWS after launch, like WoW did, MY GOD, it will certainly set a new bar for the entire MMORPG genre.

    And my name will be Jecel, not Luke.

    Why? Because I gotta.

  • SilverbranchSilverbranch Warren, MIPosts: 195Member Uncommon

    Such is the fate of being forced to play games with children, and children in adult bodies. Heh-heh.

    We should raise the legal age limit to 31, and access to the internet to 32.

    The kids get the warehouse of 1978 25-cent arcade machines.

    Good times will be had by all.

    Wherever you go, there you are.

  • mclfxrmclfxr Indianapolis, INPosts: 2Member

    Lol I like the fact the f*ckin psychotic star wars fans so desparate to be a part of the universe, actually are putting "Darth" in front of their names! Like Srsly? Its going to be funny if and whenever they get the Darth title, their name will be DARTH DARTH_lameass. BioWare should for the love of all things holy ban the use of DARTH as a prefix to someones name.

    Mr. Coyote you forgot to mention that already we have the SWG people comparing SWTOR to their game. Most SWG people believe this is the second coming of SWG or a SWG 2. Only whe they finally realize this is not SWG 2 do they say they hate SWTOR.



  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,764Member Uncommon

    After realzation: SWTOR is SWG -0.5 ½


    What is great about Coyote and is his humorous articles is it never stops there and pours out to the posts as well.

  • taziartaziar Hollywood, FLPosts: 52Member

    "..stop trying to gouge the midichlorians out of their day nurse with plastic Jell-O spoons."


    It was only the one time, and it was not a spoon, it was a spork.  

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