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Rift: Ashes of History

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Ashes of History is one of the latest updates to Rift and in today's Chronicles of One Telaran, we take a look at the update through the eyes of Caedryn the Dwarf. Learn all about v1.5: Ashes of History and then leave us your impressions in the comments.

I’m glad you asked. It seems that there used to be these ancient travel stones, right? That you could use to transport yourself across Telara. (They were part of the same magical travel network as the porticulums, those expensive glowing gates that allow you to travel between cities.) But the power of these stones was somehow repressed when Akylios splashed down into the ocean. (And the stones destroyed by his followers.) But now that he’s dead there is an opportunity to repair them, to put the stones back into working order.

Read more of Paul Crilley's Chronicles of One Telaran: Ashes of History.


  • MyriaMyria Lowell, MAPosts: 649Member Uncommon

    Rift... Ashes of history?

    How apt.

  • sanman7890sanman7890 Medina, OHPosts: 96Member

    That made me lol!


  • palulalulapalulalula frankfurtPosts: 645Member Uncommon

    Guys from Rift try really hard to make game much better. Game is already very good and it needs only a good story. But obviously some people do lol on everything. I ask me sometimes if ''lol guys'' even try to give chance to any mmo or they are here only to laugh about everything

  • gboostergbooster Indianapolis, INPosts: 712Member

    It's a great game with a fatal flaw.

    The Macro system.

  • Marchosias31Marchosias31 Moreno Valley, CAPosts: 83Member

    God I hate when people say                ANYWHO


    So lame lol...............Is this guy like 80 yrs old?

    Whatever happened to the IN BIOWARE WE TRUST signatures?

  • HexipoxHexipox CopenhagenPosts: 236Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by ghettobooste

    It's a great game with a fatal flaw.
    The Macro system.


     That and countless other flaws :) Like class system, then they make sabo-dancer lol dps, then they change that to ranger being lol-dps ... there is no viable way to play the classes only one way. Thats a fail when you try to introduce so many different ways to play while there really only is one that is the best and soooo much better than other choices.

    any content they launch is so bugged that you could kill ya self, i know from being in one of the worlds best guilds, HK was just a bug heaven. Even though we did privatly test it with several of the devs...

    RoS, first month u could farm it into oblivion because bosses resat every day ...

    Same goes for GSB, was soo bugged was a bug to cheat on all bosses. if u didnt use it then the encounter might even bug and u couldnt do shit ...

    Dunno if it picked up i quit after HK was cleared back in start August.,.

  • ersingibleersingible BreePosts: 70Member

    Originally posted by Marchosias31

    God I hate when people say                ANYWHO

    So lame lol...............Is this guy like 80 yrs old?


    Are you "like" 12yrs old?


    I like the updates and Rift is still better than most of it's peers out there.


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