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General: Marvel Universe Online: Iron Man Revealed



  • xankriegorxankriegor JakartaPosts: 49Member Uncommon

    can't create my own character? Fail... I'm going to pass this one.

  • Pest138Pest138 MPLS, MNPosts: 113Member Uncommon

    And is it just me or has the developement of this game been mostly "off the radar"?

    I love the Marvel Universe but this does not look interesting at all and I am still down in the dumps about how DCUO turned out.


    Maybe someday?????

  • kaliniskalinis Dexter, MEPosts: 1,428Member

    Its not off the radar there just isnt alot of info out yet. There are like 4  or 5 playable characters we know about. its gonna be a free to play game , 

    its also gonna let u play as the characters iron man and so forth not just use there power set. 

    So it will be interesting to learn more, That said its not under the radar as much as they just havent released much info at this point and its still in early developement as far as i know.

  • el_furiosoel_furioso By the Beach, CAPosts: 23Member

    I'm still trying to figure out how this game will actually play. Is it going to end up like a grown-up version of Super Hero Squad, with a world jam-packed with multiple Wolverines and Iron Men?

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,397Member Rare

    Originally posted by reanor

    How is this game and DCUO any different??? Make MOAR stupid MMOs that nobody will play...


    if gazillion make this game well, then i would love to play this over DCUO hands down..... ive been waiting for a marvel mmo since forever, or at least a good marvel game where i can play with any marvel heroe i want, not just a few of them like the old marvel games

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by kalinis

    Its not off the radar there just isnt alot of info out yet. There are like 4  or 5 playable characters we know about. its gonna be a free to play game

    agree not enough info yet


    its being made by a different studio than SuperHeroSquad   (Gazillion has many game studios)

    Marvel Universe will be free to play and a browser based mmo


    When asked if it would be browser-based, the developers insisted that accessibility was a crucial part of their game design, but they also stressed that they would be delivering a AAA-quality game.

  • StSynnerStSynner Funkytown, TXPosts: 123Member

    ...browser based... ...cant make my own hero/villain... ...ill pass.


    i love the Marvel Universe but this is a complete blunder. all they have to do is look at DCUO, CoH and CO... learn from the other companies failures and they have the chance to make THE comic based MMO.

    i mean seriously... look at the lore! you have the making of a bad-ass MMO. your character could be a mutant or a human or a GOD... you have the avenue for skill advancement through Shield, Weapon X, Stark Enterprises, Hydra and A.I.M.

    Marvel is literally sitting a freaking GOLD mine here... and they dont seem to care. ...such a shame.

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