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[EU] Insomnia - Late Night Raiders, Progression Guild.

Sleep is for the weak


Insomnia is a late night raiding guild. We understand that not every player is capable of playing at normal times to do what they wish, as our leadership is in such a predicament. As such we are attempting to provide a competitive, established raiding guild for such persons. As well as a focus on competitive raiding (World/Regional and Server firsts) we aim to provide a fun, enjoyable and casual community experience.

Although we are a unique playtime guild, we have the same expectations as any other competitive raiding guild. We seek players who are enthusiastic, progressive and committed to the guilds goals. However we do play this game for fun and our own enjoyment. We may be a high-goal oriented guild, but we expect everyone to be playing because of the company we keep and excitement we gain from the game.
Raiding Times:

Although a competitive guild, we believe that hammering hours upon hours on progression is not the way forward. A clear mind, well rested group is. As such we will be raiding 5 days a week, 4 hours a day (Depending on available content this may be less).

These raiding times are only a baseline, players are expected to push past such times where needed, such as being a few attempts away from killing that boss we have been working on for days. But we understand this may not be possible at times.

Recruitment is currently open to all classes for the foreseeable future. At the moment we are in mass recruitment mode, the game is new, no one has even begun playing yet and recruiting a full roster and closing down the team with such terms is a bad idea, players fail to meet expectations, do not follow through with playing the game or do not have the correct attitude for such a guild. As such, mass recruitment is required and we are looking for those who want to stand out and say, "I am that guy, I am who you want for your A team."

If you are that guy, get in contact with us! Visit our forums and drop an application, express your interest here in this thread or via IMs and take the step of joining a competitive late night raiding guild!




  • Update: Our website is now fully running. The only changes which are missing is the forum style which will come in time.

  • ThunderballsThunderballs WallsendPosts: 365Member

    Are you pve or pvp ?

    Caveat Emptor

  • Originally posted by Thunderballs

    Are you pve or pvp ?

    You obviously have not read the thread? >.>

  • If someone is not interested in reading a couple of paragraphs to find out about the guild, (Definitly not a wall-of-text) we are not interested in them.

    And congratulations, you fail at using a calculator due to the fact that the guild has two members. Arent you the maths genius.

    I do not care that the guild did not make deployment, myself and my friend have been waiting for a chance to try the game before making the decision to jump into the game. We finally got the chance, had a blast and are now jumping into the deep-end. We have had less than a week to recruit, with no method other than forums, I wasnt expecting to recruit anyone just from this, but we are at least putting out the word we exist.

    And I for sure know what I am doing, having led sucessful raid-teams in competative enviroments before I sure do have a clue of what I am doing. Not that I have to prove anything to some random troll who only just registed to post here. Thanks for the free bump though.


    TLDR: Since you cant read a few paragraphs; I know what I am doing, less than a week to recruit before deployment, your bad at maths. You fail at trolling.

  • For anyone interested, we have almost one weeks to go till launch. In the meantime come and join us, keep us entertained till release! We are currently trawlling through our gamelists to keep us entertained, League of Legends, Battlefield 3 mainly.

    Getting to know people who wish to join the guild before launch will help get to know each other more and feel like a community.

  • RudigerGattRudigerGatt San Pawl Tat TargaPosts: 22Member Common

    which faction is the guild playing? i read it twice either im missing something  dunno


  • We are playing republic.

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