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PlanetSide 2: The Past, the Present, and Future



  • CymdaiCymdai Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,035Member Uncommon

    I'm glad this got you guys excited!

    I'll be getting more articles out too; be it a war story, some more history + explanation of the first game,  or maybe even an interview with some of the devs :D


    Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...

  • KitsunamiKitsunami LondonPosts: 50Member Uncommon

    I can't wait.

    Its rare for me to post in the mmorpg forums these days, but i had to add to this.

    I too recall the days of planetside with a fondness.

    I had a 56k modem, and a sub-par computer with 200 megs of ram, a pathetic onboard graphics card and nearly no processing power.

    With all the lag, with all the pain and sorrow...

    I still played and paid to play planetside for at least a year. Why? because i loved to hack. I loved being stealth, i adored signing in on early mornings and sneaking into places to cap us some shinys for the days battles. It felt accomplished.

    I couldn't get to the big fights, my old cpu wouldnt take them. So i did what i could, and those small fights were wonderous.

    Now, in the future, i see the prospect of planetside again and Smile.

    Because this time im ready. I have broadband, and i have a high-end gaming cpu. I enjoy bf3, but it just cannot compete with the feeling that planetside gives you: Total War.

    That said, to the others above:

    They already did try that, they introduced a F2P mode called the reserves. Basically, they did it as a 'story' thing where free players were the reserves brought in for reinforcement. Much like grunts, they were restricted in levelling and couldn't go past level 15, i think.

    But the planetside numbers still dropped despite that (I returned for the reserves on my gaming laptop, STILL not good enough to play planetside XD)


  • BirksBirks SödertäljePosts: 7Member

    All i remember of Planetside was lag lag lag lag lag lag lag....

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