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Early Access Question

DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCMember Posts: 362

Has anyone turned in a pre order code in the last few days? Did it say what day your access would start?


I figure by now it is probably the 18th-19th but just wanted to see.




  • bartoni33bartoni33 Southern IllinoisMember Posts: 1,526 Uncommon

    Early Access starts the 15th.


  • IsawaIsawa Middle 0 Nowhere, ORMember Posts: 1,051 Uncommon

    I ordered within a couple hours of the initial pre-order news, and I haven't heard a thing concerning my early access.

  • Originally posted by bartoni33

    Early Access starts the 15th.

    not for everyone.  they are staggering early acess like they were staggering this the beta weekend.  and when you get in is a first come first served baisis based on when you entered the code on the official site

  • ThunderballsThunderballs WallsendMember Posts: 365

    Given my experience of this last beta weekend, I don't think we will be seeign people complaining too much about the amount of early access they get.

    July/August  pre orders 



    over 3 days or less.

    They stress tested 2 days .. Friday and Saturday this last why not early access on 15th for July/August/September    and 16th for October/November and december early access ?








    Caveat Emptor

  • MichielMichiel UnknownMember Posts: 234 Uncommon

    I pre-ordered 2 days ago so I'm expecting to get in later than thursday December 15th. I just hope I get in on or before saturday December 17th so I can enjoy a full weekend of SWTOR. I'm hoping the information regarding Early Acces will be released soon!


    EDIT: Judging by the reactions so far on the different Forums I might be very lenient with my willingness to wait until Saturday, hehe. Hope my patience pays off and I indeed get in on Saturday at the latest.

  • StuppeStuppe DenmarkMember Posts: 59 Uncommon

    Same i Preordered the moment it was possible, havent heard anything yet. Exept it starts the 15th.

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