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BeastMaster help, please! (Ranger duo)

meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

Hi, I am looking for any advice on those who have warriors with Beast Master experience.  I am looking for a build that puts most of its points into Beast Master with the remaining for tanking and/or buffing.

So, I was thinking Warlord and Champion were good options to work with Beastmater?  There are some heals that could help tanking...but I really don't want to tank but be able to hold the aggro while me, my pet and my wife's toon, do the damage as a duo.

My wife will have a Ranger, Marksman, Bard combo....might drop Marksman for Sabatuer though.

Anyway, any insights on how to tweak our duo ?


  • sloebersloeber antwerpen, AKPosts: 504Member Uncommon

    my first char is a mage so i dont have expirience with tanks or rogues yet :)

    sorry m8

  • xK3runexK3rune Vallejo, CAPosts: 100Member

    As a rogue, I personally don't find saboteur to be any good as a sub-class. For PvP the slow can be good. Apart from that, there's better souls. Bard's good once you get Invigorating Souls with 8 points in the soul. Clueless about BMs so eh.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    Good to know about sabatuer!  Thanks

  • ShadinShadin StockholmPosts: 294Member Common

    I've heard Ranger/Marksman/Bard to be good, though personally I ran Marksman as main tree and dumped points into Ranger when I had to. Lastly, I had sabo, since I got a aoe slow without spending any points in it.


    Worth to note is that if you have ranger and only go for the first pet (that is not dumping points enough to get the Dire Wolf/Razorbeast) it will stop leveling at level 30 IIRC.


    Generally when talking about MM and Ranger dps is that MM has higher single target dps and Ranger has a bit more of an AoE, though I can't confirm this as I only have MM now.


    I've also heard that combining MM with two melee souls (Riftblade I think one was) for the passive damage bonuses some trees give is a good idea.


    Good luck!

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    so that passive damage would apply to ranged attacks too?  Hmm, makes it more interesting to pick.

    Anyway, my wife likes to have some healing ability, not a main healer but something small.

  • dsebutchrdsebutchr north little rock, ARPosts: 245Member

    Go Beastmaster / Champion / whatever warlord is fine.   Most pts in BM and 2nd up champ.  Remember your third class is just there for flavor on most efficient builds.  Putting more than starting points into build 3 will gimp you later.

    For your wife, Ranger / Marksman / Assassin.   Low points bards are worthless.  She also doesn't want to put more points into her third class for reason listed above.  Assassin gives poison damage buff without spending any points.  Ranger as primary gives you AoE attacks while hubby tank holds agro.  Marksman for the increased DPS.


    That's a monster duo, the one your running now is gimping you.  Just FYI.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Miami, FLPosts: 592Member

    THanks!  I am finally back from Afghanistan so we can finally start this!

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