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General: The Mummy Online Preparing for Closed Beta

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 21,186MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Bigpoint has announced that closed beta applications are now being accepted for The Mummy Online, an action-adventure MMO currently in development.

Players chosen for the CBT will have the opportunity to play through a single-player tutorial before entering the game world to take on PvE and PvP content.

Sign up for the closed beta test at The Mummy Online site.



  • oubersoubers bazelPosts: 854Member Uncommon

    the mummy francise is too old imho to be still popular at this time me thinks.

    Maybe i am wrong.


  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    its a browser game but I may try it

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 7,768Member Rare

    This game is just a FPS in MMO clothing.  I very much doubt they will be very successful with this game.

  • mackdawg19mackdawg19 Shiloh, ILPosts: 841Member Uncommon

    Not sure were you got FPS from, but this is a dungeon crawler at its finest. FPS with 3rd person view? That would be a new one.

  • DarkPonyDarkPony RotterdamPosts: 5,566Member

    Hope it's not based on the movie from around 7 years ago? What a terrible film that was ...

  • MizzmoMizzmo cabot, ARPosts: 128Member Uncommon

    The mummy franchise doesn't have enough to pull from IMO to make an MMO. Looks like a bad idea. I will give it a go though because you never know......

  • what do they mean players "chosen" for the beta test.....after apping i was immediately allowed to play

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