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My ? is: How are PUG's going to work in this?

How does this work if each players gets to interact witht he npc and choose a reply?  Seems like a sure fire way to start an insta-fight within the group to me.  I love soloing, but I also love grouping...I really hope this mechanic doesn't frighten away people from grouping together outside of their guild.


  • BeowulfsamBeowulfsam SlovenistanPosts: 142Member Uncommon

    Dice rolls whose answer is chosen for the dialog I think.

    If you want to see some specific thing I guess you can ask group members to use certain answers. They might even listen  (yeah PUGs, sometimes they DO listen :P )

  • Biggus99Biggus99 Mesa, AZPosts: 916Member

    When in a group quest or flashpoint, each player gets the same dialogue wheel with the same choices.  They then choose, and each player basically gets a "die roll" to decide whose dialogue choice counts.  The player with the high score basically responds for the group for that particular dialogue choice.  Then the next time there is a choice, the process is repeated.  So if a quest has 4 different decision points, there will be four different rolls to decide who speaks for the group for that turn.  And the good thing is, even if you lose the roll, the decision you input still counts towards your light side/dark side points, even if the person that is speaking for the group makes a different choice than you.   So a person's decision can only effect how the actual quest plays out, but can't effect whether you get light side/dark side points.  

    There won't be any issue with pugging with this system because your choice still counts towards your alignment, even if someone else wins the roll.  


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