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DCUO does not start....

maddogmikiemaddogmikie Westhills, CAPosts: 349Member

This issue has been bothering me since 2 months after release.

First I bought the game and played for about a month, and I decided to go back a month after...

I installed it, and it wont let me pass the launcher loading window. (Meaning the launcher isnt launching.)

Now that DCUO became f2p I decided to give it another try but still this issue wont let me pass the Sony Launcher Loading Screen.

Anyone had  same issue and some how found a way to play?


  • mundus01mundus01 Midwest, KSPosts: 100Member

    The thing I would be looking at is what have I changed in my system, New antivirus? Hardware? Newer drivers ? I player DCU and E.Q. 2 once in a while have had their  patcher/launcher give me issues on and off over the years. I normally check there forums or do a google search to fix the issue.

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