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On making Exploration Viable...



  • DrSpankyDrSpanky Riverside, CAPosts: 341Member

    Originally posted by Joliust

    Exploration is its own reward.

    I think this, in my opinion. I like going to areas of the map that have interesting sights and don't necissarily have anything to do with a quest. The key, for me would to make the whole world interesting to look at/investigate not just the areas that have to do with questing.

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  • tekniko64tekniko64 Abbotsford, BCPosts: 58Member

    For me exploring isn't just looking at the grass and the trees in a different lay out.  I like to see the habitat that is built in that area.  How the water is flowing, how the animals or monsters look and act.  Do they fit the environment they are in?  If so this excites me and urges me to explore more.  Maybe there is a huge valcano near the center.  I wanna know whats inside! 


    So for me its not having content to explore, its enjoying the journey.  Perhaps when you run out of content to explore you should try a new game.


  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastPosts: 1,924Member Uncommon

    Cartography skill - Sextant, watch, blank paper, quill, compas. Completed maps being sold to other players.

    Yep, been done before etc. Maps being sold to players etc but they should bring back randomly generated worlds / dungeons which are designed for the exploration skill because then people would still do it.

    Which would defeat the purpse of making exploring viable because what's the point of having a map of a randomly generated world if you can't go back to it once you done.

    So, exploring has been reduced to simply getting navigation xp for discovering a new area.

    A solution could be NPC buying 100% completed maps of an area for a high price. But, everyone can still do it anyways so maybe do it in tiers where you have to be a certan level to explore certain areas.

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  • PyndaPynda Posts: 836Member Uncommon

    We've seen a number of good ideas in this thread to make exploration interesting (again), and most of them are probably relatively easy to implement. And in fact, have already been done before. So why not anymore?

    I was watching a documentary about coffee a couple of nights ago, and one of the founders of Starbucks was talking about quality. And how manufacturers had steadily pushed it down in the mid-20th century in an effort to boost profits. And based on the assumption that the American public was too stupid to notice that they were increasingly being fed swill. Or thinking that, in fact, the public actually LIKED and wanted swill. But guess what - per capita consumption of coffee steadily eroded during this period.

    So I think the good news here for us is that eventually entrepreneurs will ignore the herd, and start supplying a quality product. Because there's probably a lot of money to be made doing that. But the bad news might be that that it could take another 50 years for the demand to be recognized. And personally, I don't think I'm willing to wait that long...

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