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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Come for PvP, Stay for WAAAGH!



  • TalthanysTalthanys Millersville, MDPosts: 458Member

    I came back a month or two ago, and found myself in a difficult way. I was RR 53 in T4. Now, even if the RR cap had stayed at 80,  I'd have some work to do. But now, with RR 100 being the limit, T4 is extremely frustrating. The baseline for being even mildly competitive is RR 70, so you can grab your Worn Soveriegn gear (which is why no one does Scens in T2 and T3, to maximize RR and repress XP gain). I struggled through to RR 61, full Warlord, several better iterations of my weapons, and still get hammered on if I am not careful. The best I can do is mill around the back to defend healers, not up in the kill zone where I should be.

    It may not be so bad for ranged/casters, but a low RR melee combatant like myself really feels the gulf. I could grind 9 more RR for full Worn Soveriegn, but, honestly, that would only let me live another 2 seconds. Essentially, for me, the game can only really start now at RR 70.

    But, I have to admit, when I can find that rare enemy that has comparable gear to me, I enjoy beating them.


  • umcorianumcorian Boston, MAPosts: 519Member Uncommon

    I'm surprised Som missed the biggest reason why I don't go back, though he may not have played it long enough to notice.

    Once you get to T4 - end game - the grind to get competative gear is absolutely ludicrious and it's only superceded by the disparity between players in R100 gear, and you on your fresh Level 40, R30-50 character. I've seen videos of a low gear Bright Wizard unloading on an AFK R100 gear Chosen, and the Bright Wizard dies first because of his classes Burnout mechanic before he can deal enough damage to kill the Chosen.

    It drove me away about a year ago and from what I understand, nothing has been done to fix it.

  • tpringtpring Houston, TXPosts: 3Member

    Patch 1.2  April the 3rd 09 was the beginning of the end for this game.


    balancng faction population by nerfing one faction and buffing the other leads to max exodus, then add the Failure of Land of the Dead, and the Raid crowd hammering Mythic  for  20 man dungeons, wasn't this game suppose to be a War and not a raiding extranvaganza?


    anyways if SWTOR kills it, i doubt Mythic/EA/BioWare will do the F2P thing with it. they'll kill it and let everyone play the second class F2P game Wraith of Heros and hope some company wants to pay big bucks for the IP some day in the future to recoup their loses


  • ringdanyringdany New York, NYPosts: 122Member

    You guys should try Realms Online (also known as Regnum Online). It has faction RvR PvP just like Warhammer but there is ALWAYS combat going on in the war areas. I have never been logged in where there hasn't been people fighting in RvR. Beats the pants of Warhammer.

  • DR4296DR4296 Independence, MOPosts: 17Member Uncommon

    I'm a current subscriber.  Coming up on my one year anniversary.


    I LOVE the game and play at least two hours daily.   But the key things that keep me coming back are:

    1) 4 months ago, I found a terrific group of people / guild.  [ Shout-out to "Krit Happens" (Order) and "Hammer Kult" (Destro)! ]

    2) The huge number of character classes, plus the fact that each one has three different "paths" of mastery skills you can go with, makes each character quite interesting to play. 


    Yes, there are days when I wish there were more people online.  But those days are rare.  I really don't have any problem with a zone only having only 10-20 people in it.  You can still have some pretty intense fights and zone-struggles with those numbers.  And there are MANY when EACH side has roughly 48 people in that zone.

    The thing I don't like is how quite often the BALANCE of those numbers is clearly out-of-whack.  There are days when it's the Destro Zerg steamrolling over 4 Order players.   And there are days when Order has that Zerg and it's hard to find a Destro player to throw a stick at.   

    Another example of that is the current "Live Event".  There are something like 10 objectives you have to complete in order to finish it.  Well, I think three of the objectives require a particular scenario to pop.  We're playing Tier 2 right now nightly and that scenario just is NOT popping.  Scenarios, again, require a number BALANCE between the sides... or at least something reasonably CLOSE.

    That's the part that can be a real drag....low enough numbers to cause a huge imbalance between the Factions.   So perhaps opening up the game to F2P would help that situation. 

    That and I DO wish there was more reason to do PVE... because whenever I do go do some PVE, I find the game world to be very, very interesting.   Some of it is truly gorgeous and some of the towns and their "problems" (PVE story line) are interesting.

    Even if they go F2P, I would probably continue to pay monthly, because I'm having tons of fun every night and I don't want any limits imposed on my favorite toon:    ShammyDavisjnr (Shammy...errr....Shaman) !!


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