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Which class do you want to choose?

stefancstefanc sydney, INPosts: 15Member

I've played this game for some days and played about 3 classes. But there are 12 classes in this game, which do u want to be?

provide some basic info about those classes here, hope can help you:


Beginner is a player's starting point, which is the introduction stage before deciding on a class. At this stage, players do not have any exclusive skills of a class. However, it is crucial for players to get familiar with the basic operation guide in order to succeed later.

Advance classes: Warrior, Rogue or Magician



Warrior is the class of highest defense. As a warrior, you are always in the front line of a battle protecting the whole troop.

Weapon(s):1-H sword and 1-H hammer

Advance classes: Knight or Fighter



Rogues boast extraordinary dodge ability, and will impose a deadly strike on monsters while dodging them easily.


Advance classes: Artist or Scout



With magic powers, Magicians can assist the party in adventures. Some Magicians will impose huge damage on monsters while others will increase their partner's fighting ability. However, Magicians are not recommended to approach monsters alone.


Advance classes: Priest or Warlock


to be continued



  • GaySueGaySue londonPosts: 23Member

    None, it is not a game, it is a boardroom pitch

  • stefancstefanc sydney, INPosts: 15Member


    In the second class advancement, defense-oriented Warriors can choose to be Knights. Knights boast highest Defense and have the abilities to use shields. Shield's extra high parry makes them the mainstay of a party.



    Figher/Warrior(same meaning)

    In the second class advancement, attack-oriented Warriors can choose to be Fighters. Fighters boast high attack apart from high Hit Points and Defense.

    Weapon(s):2-H sword and 2-H axe



    In the second class advancement, combat-oriented Rogues can choose to be Scouts. Scouts boast various combat patterns and behave well in both long-distance Attack and melee Attack.



    To be continue

  • stefancstefanc sydney, INPosts: 15Member




    In the second class advancement, assist-oriented Rogues can choose to be Artist. Artists can usually kill a great number of monsters, improve combat ability of the whole party and make the adventure more, well, “artsy”.

    Weapon(s):1-H sword



    In the second class advancement, Magicians devoted in powerful magic destruction can choose to be Warlocks who can attack monsters with immense elemental magic of various beads.





    In the second class advancement, devoted Magicians can choose to be Priests who possess strong recovery and assist ability.

    Weapon(s):1-H hammer

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