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DC Universe - Keys and Invites



  • barezzbarezz Granite City, ILPosts: 141Member Uncommon

    Same here.  if anyone has a spare key at this point for the PC that they could PM me I would enjoy giving this s try and seeing what has improved since beta :)

  • ezduzitezduzit oxnard, CAPosts: 112Member

    If anyone could spare a key, i'd like to hop in and give DCU a try :) 

  • mmcguire2mmcguire2 Peterborough, ONPosts: 310Member

    I'd take a PS3 or PC code... Plz and thanks


  • KostKost Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,975Member Common

    I'd be interested in a PS3 buddy key if anyone has a spare, just shoot me a PM on these forums.

    Thanks in advance!

  • savbasavba SheffieldPosts: 13Member Common

    I would very much appreciate a buddy key for PC if someone would be so kind.


    Thank you.

  • feiritedfeirited TurkuPosts: 57Member

    If someone want to share a buddy key to me (ps3) i would be very happy =) just pm me =)

  • KingfingerKingfinger tempe, AZPosts: 10Member

    I too would love a PC buddy key if anyone has one to offer!

  • AbangyarudoAbangyarudo Prescott Valley, AZPosts: 156Member

    I would also like a ps3 buddy key for dc universe if possible. thanks in advance.

  • matixzunmatixzun RANCAGUAPosts: 24Member

    I think it looks very interesting, so please can you pm me a key =D i really want one

  • mock0mock0 Houston, TXPosts: 19Member

    Can I please get a buddy key trial. I know it is coming out soon but I really want to try it out. for ps3 thanks

  • DarthMajinDarthMajin Sparta, WIPosts: 92Member

    If anyone has an extra buddy key for DCUO I would much appreciate one. Thanks!


  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    Any1 have 1 buddy key to spare?


    Thanks in advance.


  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COPosts: 3,292Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Piasek

    Any1 have 1 buddy key to spare?
    Thanks in advance.

    Isn't this going f2p next month?



  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    Oct 12th....but client has 14Gb and you can't download without active account.  As my dsl speed is so slow i need few days to download it.


  • ZolgarZolgar Glouster, OHPosts: 533Member

    Originally posted by Piasek

    Oct 12th....but client has 14Gb and you can't download without active account.  As my dsl speed is so slow i need few days to download it.

    Yup. So if anyone has a buddy key they can send me, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3

  • darkpuzzeldarkpuzzel WawaPosts: 3Member

    Can someone send me buddykey? puzzel at

  • wiredknightswiredknights LisboaPosts: 56Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a buddy/trial key for the PC European version. :3 Thanks alot in advance!

  • AliGeniusAliGenius Toronto, ONPosts: 32Member Uncommon

    Looking for an invite with bambi eyes.


  • veredicveredic Longueuil, QCPosts: 2Member

    I am interrested too in DC Universe Online, if anyone has a buddy key for me, I'd be happy.



  • PHcrashcamPHcrashcam Marshfield, MAPosts: 9Member

    I know its getting close to when the release date for free to play is coming, but if anyone has a spare key, I would love to try it out first.

  • SakdizzleSakdizzle Brooklyn, NYPosts: 52Member

    Need two buddy keys for DCUO. Thank you, I appreciate it.  If I cannot have two buddy keys, one will do.

  • mysticvadermysticvader Oxford, GAPosts: 1Member

    Any NA pc  keys left? need one trying to get fight for light pack before F2P starts and becomes pay service thanx


  • inthewolfdeninthewolfden Yep, MIPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    I would like a key if one is available....

  • MindurzMindurz vacaville, CAPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Hey are there any buddy keys for PS3, if so can someone pls share one

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