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My review ....

NikojNikoj SkopjePosts: 57Member

Well I recently dled this game and played it for about a week now , during this week I managed to get to lvl 51 with casual gameplay of about  1-4 hours a day , depending on my schedule, and here's my verdict on the game :


-Well let me start off with the character creation , and right from the beginning the first cons appear , all of the classes are gender locked and there is no customization whatsoever , u can on the other hand buy suits and hats from the cash shop.

-Now come the graphics , the graphics in this game can't really be compared to many other games of the genre since they aren't what u'd call cartoony like Cabal,PW series ,Allods etc. more like ArchLord but much better .... the character details are "awesome" after u attain armor beyond a certain level , the character details when u start up without armor kinda suck . On the other hand the enviorment is a different story , it's much worse than the character details but still OK and not ugly . In short the graphics are good, not cartoony  which I really like , I really despise WoW -kinda graphics and this game is not even close to that standard , but they aren't top-notch and they give that dark/horror genre kinda feeling , honestly much better then Requiem that was always seen as a horror genre mmorpg.

-Now come the game mechanics , skills and leveling system .... the gameplay is good , it does offer something unique in the department of something as simple as normal attacks which are fluid and have great animations , it's not like any other mmo where u'd hit the monster and it hits u back and u feel like it's turn based combat , the animations are bloody and according to me bring the game closer to the horror genre then Requiem. The skills although little , have good animations and the upcoming update announces new skill trees . Leveling for me was kinda mediocore with u'r standard questing and dungeon systems except for the Comission Quests which are quests that offer lots of exp but u have to pay for them , the exp rate as I said till lvl 51 is mediocore but I heard that it becomes a real nightmare later on .

-The crafting system is really easy to learn and use even for someone who never played an mmorpg , and eve easier to understand for an mmorpg gamer.The cash shop offers no items that op u but offers items that help u lvl , expend ur bag etc. 

- The game has pronounced itself pvp based so it has certain pvp aspects like GvG wars and DK square which is kind of an arena with ranking points , of course there are duels which I really hate since u can pot while in a duel so it comes down to outpoting ur opponent which is kinda bad . The community has proven to be helpful in my experience , the forums especially are a great place to ask around about the game or enquire about guilds , market bids and whatnot.

Well that's about every major thing here .... In short it's an action arcade style game ( this doesn't mean that the game is hack'n'slash in the meaning that u aim and hit ) with pvp elements , good graphics ... it offers a unique dark/horror experience which is a nice change from the everyday cartoony mmorpgs but doesn't offer much other new things  , but who knows I might not be high lvl enough to see them yet *keeps fingers crossed* .

The major cons according to me are the gender locked classes ,zero customization and potting while dueling.

If u have any additional questions feel free to ask them bellow 



  • GrammieGrammie Lynn, MAPosts: 68Member

    This is a verrrrry good review.  They should pay you!

  • nlnforevernlnforever MelbournePosts: 38Member

    You review is ok, however in my opinion this game is under moderated.

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  • Donk3yDonk3y asdasd, ARPosts: 1Member

    About the non customization possibility, each character is supposed to represent somebody from the story of the game, as far as I know

    Graphics are godly compared to other games

    Combat is, in short, the best combat system in an mmo (besides those where you have to aim and hit, like Lunia and Rakion and stuff)

    Crafting system's a bi**h >_< If you ever try to make a weapon or armor +7, you'll see why

    Potting doesn't win you a duel in this game, well at low levels it does, but later on it's all about the skill of the player, and it's like the only game where the skill of the player is such an important factor. About the levels, level 51 is considered still a newbie, sorry :D, they go kinda like this 1 -60 low level; 60 -90 mid level; 90 -115 mid-high level, also crevice level xD; 115 -130 high level; 131+ very high level. You can clasify levels like this too: 1 -101 normal, 102 -130 "winger" (because you get |wings" at lvl 102, if you can afford them :D), 131+ transup, because of the new Action 6 addition, Good day to die, bring transup system

    Or you can clasify them by dead front: 1 -24 noob, 25 -46 rabble, 46 -70 fear, 71 -90 baron, 91 -110 earl, 110 -130 duke and i forgot the other 2 :D

    Also the game IS a pk/pvp game, especially a pk game, it's not like in other games, where if somebody was 20 levels higher than you, there would be no chance for you to kill him, in this game, you can kill him if you're good, and if you didn't kill him, you can kill him the next time you come, also 2 lvl 60 people can kill a lvl 80 guy (provided they aren't retarded)

    Also another thing, pk is available in any map but 6 of them, and you'll only be visiting them in the lower levels or to sell stuff, that leaves most of the maps you go to grind open for attacks, and poeople just love to kill other people only to create wars, yes, wars. Wars are a nice thing in this game, let's say you're in a guild with lots of people, and you go grinding somewhere with some friends, you get a spot on the map and grind there, then another party comes and kills you for the spot, you're not gonna stand there, you bring up your guild and a war starts, the other team brings up their guild and it's battle time, and you'll just realise after the war that you spent like 30 - 1 hour just killing other players.

    Other people might not want the pk approach when wanting a grinding spot and will ask the other party for a party pvp for the spot, which are cool too.

    Another cool thing, which came in Action 6, I Dekaron Square, massive inter server pk battles, 21 vs 21 players from both servers meet up randomly teamed and fight to the death for honor and glory (and for dk ranks :D)

    Overall this game is very fun to play but you need to level alot to get to a fun level, I am level 105 now on my segnale (cleric class of the game), also have a friend whose lvl 120 summoner I can use :D, I know most of the stuff I should know and I know that the most fun I had was in levels 65 - 90, at 90+ you mainly do dead front and crevice for level :(

  • NikojNikoj SkopjePosts: 57Member


    Well ty for the nice overview, I reached level 60 last time I loged in (3 lvl 50 alts, wanted to check the classes out)  but I quit the game some time ago because of the fear of it being shut down...

    After accclaim closed and A8 arived for the koreans while our version is still at 6 :S I was/am concerned about the future of the game... if they release A7 however I'll definetly join back seeing as there is no other f2p mmo that comes close to Dekaron's standards...

  • sp3ct3rsp3ct3r IstanbulPosts: 2Member

    I've played so many MMORPG and dekaron is my favourite. I quitted dekaron and tried other games but none of them offers gameplay as good as dekaron so I came back. Dekaron has awesome graphics compared to most F2P games and PVP mechanics are incredibly good. For op, potting in duels doesn't mean anything at high levels because pots can't give you 15k heal in 3 seconds. Only bad thing about this game is that GAMEHI doesn't care about their servers, they only update and maintain korean server and not global server. That's why I'm about to quit this game, they don't ban hackers and people with ilegal stuff, we've been waiting for a7 for like 6 months and they don't even announce a release date. Other than that, the game itself is very awesome...Especially transup quest is most enjoying thing in dekaron, I had been feeling so high when I finished that boss ;)

  • xKingdomxxKingdomx SydneyPosts: 1,541Member Uncommon

    You had me at gender lock

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  • DarkEnergyDarkEnergy Iritater, ILPosts: 21Member

    The environments aren’t especially noteworthy and are typically composed of medieval settings with graveyards, hayfields and castle remnants making up for most of the background templates. The character animations and detail applied to the armor, attacks and weapons is what really steals the show, visually. Gamers who like a lot of graphical flair in their MMORPGs will definitely find it executed well in Dekaron.

    When it comes to the sound and music it’s good enough to get the job done. Voice over work isn’t bad but certainly not on par with the likes of Fallen Earth. Nevertheless, considering that this is a free-to-play game, that’s still pretty good that it could even draw comparisons to something like Fallen Earth.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,010Member Uncommon

    I enjoyed 2 moons. Then they merged with the euro Dekaron. It was almost the exact same game, just a little more updated and alot more people. Not completely sure anyone would actually enjoy getting into it at this point. It's very grindy, and very cheap looking compared to newer games. It's a pretty generic grinder. The pvp is somewhat cool though. Or the DF maps or whatever they were called. Fighting through tons of enemies against other groups to the middle of the map and pvp for the win. That was about the only noteworthy thing this game had.

  • pkdragonpkdragon LondonPosts: 5Member

    PvE is there just to level and farm up gears. I played the NA version called 2moons that was hosted by Acclaim a few years ago and checked out Dekaron Global. From what I experienced, it was a grind fest, even more than silkroad if you've played it. However, it has been reported that the exp curve was lowered and commission quests(repeatable quests that you pay gold for but receive rewards in the end) were reworked to give better rewards.

    PvP is Dekaron's selling point. The PvP system is fast paced and has a unique "knockback" feature. Unlike other mmorpg's, classes have skills that hit multiple times instead of just once and skill cast times are short which results in the fast gameplay. There is party PvP, castle siege, DK square, and eventually Coliseum.(Coliseum is only in Korean Dekaron and Global is 2-3 updates behind so you won't see it for a LONG time)

    To be honest, I'd stay away from Dekaron if you don't spend money on the item mall. It's difficult to + gears without the use of blacksmith talismans. In Dekaron Global, they have even talismans that increase the rate of succes by 50%. If you aren't willing to spend real cash then you better have the patience to farm up enough argates(the item used to + gears) or gold to buy one off of someone.

    Otherwise, if you can handle the grind and dish out some dough, you'll enjoy a pretty intense pvp game.

  • harry_watharry_wat CopenhagenPosts: 33Member

    Smooth combat gameplay. Each class has unique stat growth. Varied skills. But the cons to this game covers latency issues. Classes are locked to each race / gender.  Clumsy and poorly designed interface. And there are spammers advertising in game


  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon

    thanks for the review perhaps i ll check it out now b/c of the review and the comments in this thread.

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  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,677Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by nlnforever

    You review is ok, however in my opinion this game is under moderated.

    When it was known as 2 Moons, I'd totally agree with that. I've lost count of the number of times I'd see speed hacks, aggro hacks and other such. Reporting such to Acclaim was a total waste of time.  It got to the point where the hackers would play their silly ass games in the main cities themselves. Nothing happened to them.  I've not had a chance to try it since GH took it back over. I have a warrior in the mid to high 70's a knight in the 60's and a lancer(Alk?...) in the 60's. 

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